Bandeira BrasilDate: December 2017
Rio Casca, Minas Gerais

The overflowing of the Casca River, provoked by intense rains in the region, created an emergency situation for the residents. In response to this crisis, missionaries of Fraternidade settled in the region and centered their efforts in the village of Vista Alegre, in the town of Rio Casca. The mission gave special support in the area of health, with a specialized team, offering attendance both to the stricken population and to the officers that worked in other helping fronts: loving attention to drowning hearts.


  • Support and attendance in collaboration with health teams in medical, dental, psychological and nursing areas.
  • Organization of talks to officers of the local City Hall about topics related with response to emergencies.
  • Donation of medicines.
  • Restoration of affected dwellings damaged by the floods.

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