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Zona da Mata Mision – New Beginning
Fraternidade – Only Love can Heal Pain

The “Zona da Mata Mission” (Hinterlands Mission) began on the 28th of December, with meetings of planning, preparation of missionaries, equipment and logistics at the Headquarters of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation. This humanitarian mission will likely last, in field, about ten days. The team is composed by 10 members. They are members of the Network-of-Light, a doctor, a nurse, a naturopath, a dentist, an internationalist, a rescuer, an independent professional and others.

Calamity in Minas Gerais

Since the beginning of December, more than 11 cities in the Hinterlands (Zona da Mata) of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, were devastated by floods.

The pauses in the rains showed a scenario of destruction. The immense volume of water carried houses, cars and objects. Some people were carried by the waters and many animals died in the torrent.

In the drama of the affected families, the suffering of the wounded animals, the losses that will still take time to be estimated, echoes the cry for help where solidarity alone and love can relieve so much desolation and help placate the pain and bring a little hope.

The city of Rio Casca

Rio Casca was the most affected city in the region. Bathed by the Casca River, in previous times it had its lands covered by a forest of very old jacarandas, perobas, cedars, carinianas. During this period, the extraction of wood became the main economical activity, which lasted until the extinction of the forests.

Nowadays, the main economical activities are services, commerce, agriculture and others. Its population, according to the official census of 2010, is of 14,198 people.

Rains, topography of hills and valleys, increase in the riverbed and the inadequate occupation of its banks are elements that contribute for the disaster.

Action of the Fraternidade

We are willing to do what is necessary to render all possible service. Among the most needed actions are: cleaning, medical and veterinarian help, rebuilding of houses and buildings, support in the organization and distribution of donations and everything else that is needed.

We need your support, whether through donations, prayers, or the offering that you feel like making.

For monetary donations,go to the top. 
To come into contact, write to
or call +55 (35) 3225-1233

Only Love can Heal Pain

Zona da Mata Mision – Beginning Again

Only Love can Heal the pain

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