The Youth Festival for Peace will celebrate six years of existence on July 30 (Saturday), at 7 p.m. (Brasilia Time Zone), with an online edition whose theme will be Working Tirelessly for Peace. The event will present a retrospective of the best moments of its virtual editions, which began in 2020, in addition to new content.

The broadcast will be in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

There are three options for watching the Festival:


Through the attribute Working Tirelessly for Peace, the event consolidates its mission to inspire new generations with the hope that a new world is possible.

To this end, this 18th edition will present the following unpublished content:

  • the new episode of Mãe Amazona (Mother Amazona), which talks about sea turtles;
  • the series Christic  Impulses, with the testimony of a young man about the experience of faith;
  • the music video of the young people of the musical project Tocando em Frente (Moving forward), from the Light- Community of Figueira, who will perform the song Tu és o Rei (You are the King).

History of the Festival

The Youth Festival for Peace is held by the Youth Campaign For Peace.

The purpose of this event is to integrate young people from all over the world, in the spirit of fraternity and ecumenism, through music and other forms of art, service to others, love for the Kingdoms of Nature and encouragement of spiritual life. Thus, it seeks to raise the consciousness of youth and awaken in their hearts the principles of the common good.

The Festival began in 2016, in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, the city that hosted the first three editions. The last face-to-face edition took place in Santa Fe, Argentina.  As of November 2020, due to the pandemic, the event adopted the exclusively online format.

Check the trajectory of the Youth Festival for Peace:

  • 1st Festival: July 31, 2016, in Florianópolis
  • 2nd Festival: January 29, 2017, in Florianópolis
  • 3rd Festival: July 30, 2017, in Florianópolis
  • 4th Festival: October 29, 2017, in Rio de Janeiro
  • 5th Festival: January 28, 2018, in Recife
  • 6th Festival: April 29, 2018, in Belo Horizonte
  • 7th Festival: July 29, 2018, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 8th Festival: October 21, 2018, in São Paulo, Brazil
  • 9th Festival: July 28, 2019 in Salvador, Brazil
  • 10th Festival: October 20, 2019 in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 11th Festival: January 26, 2019 in Santa Fe, Argentina
  • 12th Festival: November 1, 2020 – 1st online edition
  • 13th Festival: January 31, 2021 – 2nd online edition
  • 14th Festival: August 1, 2021 – 3rd online edition
  • 15th Festival: October 3, 2021 – 4th online edition
  • 16th Festival: November 27, 2021 – 5th online edition
  • 17th Festival: January 29, 2022 – 6th online edition

You can also access the playlist on the Youth Campaign for Peace YouTube channel to watch the broadcasts of the Youth For Peace Festivals.

Participate and disseminate this initiative to sow the possibility of a new world in the hearts of the young people !

Youth Festival for Peace Online

Date: July 30, 2022 | Saturday
Broadcast time: 7 p.m. (Brasilia Time Zone)

Broadcast by:

Attribute: Work tirelessly for peace
Organizer: Youth Campaign For Peace
Free Event

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