Disposable hospital shoes transformed into masks, “freezer” type little bags filled with alcohol gel, plastic bottles with water and detergent, these were alternatives found by the collaborators of the Only For Love Group (SOPA) of the São Paulo Light-Network, in view of the needs imposed by the pandemic, to continue serving dozens of homeless people and squatters in downtown São Paulo and in the Bairro Brasilândia, which currently has the highest number of infections and deaths from COVID-19.

The group has existed for five years, and every Sunday has managed to serve 300 meals of vegan soup with bread. But with the arrival of the pandemic, following the health guidelines and to safeguard the health of the collaborators, who today number 30 members, they started to distribute carry-out food and basic food baskets. The work is done thanks to the various partnerships established through the years: ToyaVegan Restaurant, the Matilha Cultural, the NGO Nature in Form, the Lanchonete James Cafeteria, the Restaurant do Salim, local bakeries and several people who offer themselves for this service of love and giving.

With dedication and effort, on two occasions they managed to financially support the Lapidar Community, which assists people who want to stop drinking and taking drugs. From the beginning of the pandemic, the Community had a significant increase in the number of those served and a sharp decrease in financial funding.

“Thanks to the love shown by each member of the group, through their prayers and generous financial donations, in recent months we have managed to continue with our original activity to support street people and still expand it enormously. We were also able to identify and support members of the group itself, who in facing the unexpected situation, needed financial help and employment,” says Moysés Tinoca da Fonseca, coordinator of the SOPA Group, with enthusiasm.

Even during the social distancing, in the name of love, the members of the group remain united.