Guaruja Light-Network donates food to families affected by the pandemic

Since 2010, the Guaruja Light-Network group has noticed that the number of families attending weekly in the Community of Morrinhos IV, in São Paulo seashore, has more than doubled.

The most vulnerable people are feeling the consequences of the COVID pandemic due to the decrease in salaries and in the number of jobs, as well as food scarcity.

According to the regional coordinator of São Paulo Light-Network, Rosi Freitas, the total number of women and men without a home, a job and income has grown, making the families of the Community of Morrinhos IV even more fragile than they already were.

“It is a harsh reality… we seek to strive so that every week a simple little fair with vegetables and fruits may be offered. By a miracle we have been achieving it, Thank God!”, states Rosi.

Everyone waits with resignation in the queue to receive the food, take it home and feed their families. Rosi highlights that “the pandemic has emptied the plate of many, and that humanitarian help has been the only way for the survival of most people.”

Donation of Food kits

The Guaruja Light-Network and the Santos Light-Network group has launched a campaign at the end of April and, in a few days, has raised funds for the acquisition of 60 food kits that were donated at the Community of Morrinhos IV.

“Such a quick result in the action of the campaign represents the union and solidarity of people willing to help their neighbor. In difficult times, any help is welcome. Hunger is a reality of men, women and children, therefore we continue to be steady, working to expand the activities that benefit so many children and families here at the Community,” reports Rosi.