Seventy families from the Morrinhos IV Community, each with an average of six to seven members, continue to benefit from the activities of the group from the Guarujá Light-Network, affiliated with the Fraternity – International HumanitarianFederation (FIHF).

The delivery of the basic staples baskets is work that has been done by the GuarujáLight-Network for many years, with a total of 140 baskets being delivered between December 18, 2021, and February 12, 2022, 70 baskets each month.

This is a selfless volunteer service supported by the coordinator of the São PauloLight-Network and member of the Guarujá Light-Network, Rosi Freitas, who clarifies: “with the help of friends, relations and sympathizers of the activities of the group, we manage to gather the resources for the basic staples baskets.”

Jenifer Gomes Ribeiro, a member of one of the benefitted families, expresses thanks to the whole group: “I just need to give thanks and wish good health to all of you who remember to help others with this wonderful basic staples basket.”

The Morrinho IV community is located in an area of social vulnerability in the coastal town of Guarujá, and so the donation of basic staples baskets is a support which is a great contribution to improving the quality of life of the families, as another person, Jaqueline dos Anjos, who also benefits, emphasizes: “If it were not for this group, we would have no help. The basic staples basket of this month and the previous one came at the right time.”

Besides the gratitude for the material support she receives, Jaqueline is also pleased by another kind of support she perceives: “The help of the group is important because, even with the pandemic, it continues to provide aid. Sometimes our hearts are panic-stricken and hurting, and we come to pick up the basket, and just hearing somebody from the group brings relief,” she says.

This is a task that also uplifts the life and the heart of those who are ready to provide help, such as in the case of Cláudia Machado, one of the supporters of the Light-Network group, who says: “I feel pleased to have the opportunity for understanding the difficulties these families are going through and contributing to ease them. I also feel there is always more to do!”

Eudóxio Mondego, also a member of the Guarujá Light Network, speaks about the deep meaning of serving this cause: “I feel happy to be able to provide charity for those most in need and my heart is filled with hope for better days for these people. To help them is all good.”

Benefitted families, collaborators, supporters and members of the Guarujá Light-Network, all gathered together in a contact that doesn’t exactly represent two sides of an equation, but rather a communion of hearts, the common denominator of which is the energy of Gratitude.



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