On a sunny Autumn morning, the baskets with basic staples, properly packed, were waiting to be collected by the families, previously registered, of the Morrinhos IV community, in Guarujá, São Paulo.

The work of gathering funds, purchasing food and organizing the baskets is done periodically by the Guarujá Light-Network group, with a lot of commitment, dedication and love, so the food can reach the table of the families of this community, which is one of the most vulnerable of the region.

The time for the delivery of the basic staples baskets is a service that involves great joy, both for the collaborators and members of the Light-Network and the previously registered families that receive them.

This is one of the fraternal activities carried out by that group, which counts on the collaboration of friends and sympathizers, “who are the godparents, people who know us, trust in our work and financially support us,” explains Rosi Freitas, coordinator of the São Paulo Light-Network and member of the GuarujáLight-Network, responsible for organizing the event.

Another activity of the same group, which benefits the same community, is the collection of fruit, grains and vegetables, done at local businesses every Wednesday. Rosi explains that they never know how much they will manage to gather, nor how many families will be present to receive the results. “What we receive as donations always ends up being just enough for the families that are waiting on that day; nobody leaves with empty hands,” she rejoices.

During this delivery of the baskets, on April 8, the coordinator had even more reasons to celebrate: “today we donated more than seventy basic staples baskets, and to sweeten the coming of the families, there was also a box of chocolates and a carton of whole milk for each of them.”

Affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), the GuarujáLight-Network, in its activities with this community, prioritizes the purchase of edibles to make up the basic staples baskets. This is done as long as the funds collected are significantly enough to make it possible to buy the food.

To find out how to collaborate in this or in other volunteer activities of that region, contact them by phone: 13 99788-7941.