In a new video of the Series: Voices of the Shelters, Janaira tells us a little about her journey after having reached Roraima, in Brazil. In this story, we can perceive the importance of a humanitarian action, without which the immigrant populations would be vulnerable to many forms of exploitation and violence.

The Venezuelan immigrant, her husband, and three children were victims of slave work in Pacaraima. They had been working five months at a construction site; she cooked and the others were on the job. The husband was the only one being paid, ten Reals per day. For the rest of the family, the contractor said that they were working in exchange for food.

Tired of the slavery, they went looking for humanitarian help at the BV8 transition shelter, in Pacaraima, where they stayed for a month, before being transferred to the Nova Canaã Shelter in Boa Vista, under management of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF).