The 17th Youth Festival for Peace Online will take place on January 29 (Saturday), inspired by the theme “Sowing Peace”. The event starts the year with a novelty: it will be broadcast at a new and unique time, 7 p.m.

In this virtual meeting, young people from all over the world will strengthen their commitment and motivation to become, through simple attitudes and actions, promoters of peace and fraternity within their communities .

What will you find at the Festival?

The content of this edition includes:

  • record of actions and solidary projects conceived by young people;
  • examples of love for nature;
  • ecumenical prayer;
  • musical performances of guest artists.
Youth Festival for Peace

Participate from your home!

With free access, the Youth Festival for Peace Online will be held, live, in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

To participate, there are three access options:


The Youth Festival for Peace Online aims to spread the culture of peace, the respect for the environment and to expand the possibilities of communication and integration amongst young people. Due to the pandemic, it adhered to the exclusively online format. Since then, the participation of people from different countries has risen considerably.

The event is organized by the Youth Campaign For Peace, a Christian, ecumenical and international movement that aims to inspire new generations to awaken the divine love within them, as well as promote the spirit of union and peace among individuals of all faiths, cultures, peoples and nations.

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May the youth of the world raise the banner of peace and thus enable the emergence of a new consciousness in humanity that will heal, like a balm of love, the wounded spirit of the planet.