Dec 4 to 17, Monday to Sunday

Cleaning team of the shelter

The team of the Roraima Labor and Social Welfare Secretary (Setrabes), composed of a social assistant, a psychologist, two social instructor agentes and a coordinator, began the work in the House of Passage, where the Venezuelan immigrants are. The group of Setrabes conducted meetings of updates and distribution of responsibilities and tasks, with the missionaries of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

Arrival of a new missionary of the Fraternidade, who took on tasks of maintenance and basic sanitation in the shelter.

A committee of cleaning was created, formed by Warao Indigenous people. They will be in charge of maintaining the cleaning in different areas of the House of Passage (external areas, kitchen, toilets and gymnasium). The committee received cleaning materials to carry out the task.

Reception of the donations that came from Boa Vista and distribution to the families of Venezuelan refugees during two days of the week, one for foods and another for cleaning products and personal hygiene articles.

Accompaniment of the protocol of refuge of immigrants in different situations, such as responsibility for unaccompanied children and refugees without documents.

Most used point of water in the shelter

Missionaries conducted visits to two camping sites of Venezuelan immigratns in the city of Pacaraima. The situation of health and nutrition was checked.

Accompaniment of six pregnant Venezuelan refugees in the pre-natal exams conducted in the health center. One pregnant woman is seropositive and will have her caesarian section surgery in the city of Boa Vista.

Donations of foods received by means of the campaign “SOS Pacaraima”, promoted by the Center of Migrations and Human Rights (CMHR).