What is the Grace Mercy Order?

The spirit of universality and ecumenism is the keynote of the Grace Mercy Order, which aims at learning from the other monastic orders and synthesizing this knowledge in the religiosity of daily life.

A Monastic Order must offer the best conditions for consecrated beings to dedicate themselves with priority to the inner union with the higher levels, in themselves andin Life, something mysterious and unfathomable.

At Grace Mercy Order we aspire to live Christic universal love, in an absolute offering of life.

Degrees of Consecration

The vows are the soul of monastic life; they ilumine the path, protect the consecrated one from deviations and falls, preserve their vision of the target and strengthen them so that they may receive the gifts of the spirit.

The Grace Mercy Order presents seven vows to those who consecrate themselves: Austerity, Silence, Detachment, Chastity, Humility and Obedience.


A monastic Order develops its values around its charisma – spiritual ethics that determines and guides its advancement and that of its members.

The charisma of the Grace Mercy Order is the transparency in the consecration that determines the quest for the Christic Consciousness. The charisma represents the intention that its members may dedicate themselves to a gradual purity of intentions and surrender, consciously assuming that part of purification tha is due to them, as well as the adhesion to the spiritual guidelines and activities.