Juventude Missionária pela Paz vivencia São Carlos

The weekend of November 23 and 24, 2019, the Light-Nucleus of Figueira in São Carlos organized another meeting of the Missionary Youth for Peace, with the objective of encouraging and deepening in the heart of youths, humanitarian service and the giving of self for a greater good.

On the 23rd, the service took place in São Carlos, and on the 24th, it took place in Limeira, uniting youths from different cities of the state of São Paulo, as well as collaborators of the planetary Light-Network, missionaries and volunteers that sympathize with the project.

On the first day, 25 volunteers joined together in service to clean the Proteja Kennel, from which they removed unnecessary material, trimmed the shrub, pruned trees and also repaired part of a fence that protects the property which is located in the periphery of the city of São Carlos.

The kennel, taken care of by Enio Malaquini, 83, has existed for 40 years, and occupies a property with half a hectare and shelters 300 animals: always open and patient to receive the group, Mr. Malaquini says the presence of the volunteers brings a lot of joy to the property and to the shelter of abandoned animals.

Juventude Missionária pela Paz vivencia São Carlos

On the second day, new volunteers joined the project. Early that morning, nine cars left the city of São Carlos headed towards the property of Nova Irmandade (Portuguese for New Brotherhood).

Located in the periphery of the city of Limeira, this complex has existed for 10 years, integrating the idea of family life with the love for the Lower Kingdoms. With much joy, the group was welcomed by Faustina, who had begun the project ten years earlier, when the place was still comprised of a lawn and abandoned orchards. Little by little, the family reconstructed the place, taking care of the trees and gardens, and rescuing mistreated animals.

Today, those arriving at the property become enchanted by its beauty and also by the variety of beings that are welcomed: dogs, cats, hens, ducks, oxen, pigs, etc.

After breakfast, the groups split up to take on the tasks. From planting ginger, to painting handrails and digging a swimming pool for the pigs, the unusual tasks filled the morning with effort, joy and dedication.

In the afternoon, the volunteers took a tour to visit the whole property, listening to the stories of rescue and care experienced by the family.

“The harmony of each area visited brought a living example of how conscious care to the kingdoms anchors new laws of relationship among living beings”, shares Santo Luizes, a volunteer from the city of São Paulo.

Juventude Missionária pela Paz vivencia São Carlos

Among hens and ducks, cats roamed around lightheartedly. Next to them, dogs made a lot of noise and lovingly ran to receive the care of Faustina. In like manner, the group walked along and also found turtles, goats, turkeys, rabbits and so many other animals that shared the same space. Each one bringing a story and carrying a name creatively chosen for this new phase of family life.

A special touch of love could be felt from the family that lives and sustains the property. Grandparents, parents and grandchildren share the same space and daily service to the Kingdoms of Nature. The children run and play on the land, take care of the animals and learn early about this love, which needs to be relearned by humanity.

Both service days brought together 45 people.

All this work is voluntary and the events are open to all for free and take place in different cities of the region.

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