The Community of Fraternity, located in the district of Paysandú, Uruguay, affiliated to the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, conducted on April 14, the Voluntary Group Service of Repairing. The objective was the repairing of several items of the infrastructure of the Community.

The group service was a request of Saint Joseph, to be done every fifteen days in the Community of Fraternity. Thirty-five people, among permanent collaborators, passing collaborators, residents and monks of the Grace Mercy Order, participated in the activities during the whole day.

‘The group service means an impulse that Saint Joseph has given us for a new life in the Community, which has to do with group unity and with the repairing of the spiritual life, and this manifests externally by means of the repairing of the material things’, explained Mother Emmaus, the coordinator of the Community of Fraternity.

comunidade_fraternidade_foto4Early in the morning, the group conducted electric repairs, maintenance of the tents, cleaning and lubrication of the taps, cutting and cleaning of the vegetation of the area, repairs of the bicycles and tools, cleaning of cars, among other activities. At noon, everyone participated in the Devotional of Saint Joseph, followed by Communion and canticles.

comunidade_fraternidade_foto2To Clarissa Baumgartner, the coordinator of R2 area of the Community of Fraternity, the day was of great joy and of participation of the whole group, ‘this voluntary group service represents an inner repairing of each one of the participants. We have the aspiration that this event may come to attract the collaborators of the region of Uruguay so that they may come to participate with us and may bring their knowledge and experience to add to the Community’.

‘The repairing of these broken material things seems to be small details, of minor importance, but these details can lower the quality both of our material and spiritual life. Thus, with this activity that Saint Joseph has offered us, we gradually will manifest together what Aurora has to manifest’, concluded Mother Emmaus.