mutirao-limpieza-aguas-figueira-octubre-2016_01Collaborators of Community-of-Light of Figueira, affiliated to the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, performed maintenance tasks of the drinking water supply system in two of the hosting areas: Creative Life and Lands of Fraternity. Through collective efforts (a group work based on mutual assistance provided for free), cleaning of waterways and also the dams that feed the wheels with which it is pumped the water used in the homes, both for drinking and for others daily uses.

The collective effort in the Lands of Fraternity occurred on Thursday, October 27, with the participation of twenty adults and eight children, students of the Tibetan Park School at the Figueira Community-of-Light.

Inner healing
“It was a very important activity, not only for its practical use but also for inner healing process through which each participant pass when having a direct contact and collaborate consciously with the Kingdoms of Nature. I believe that the task of releasing our impurities performed by the waters is also reflected in each one of us, that way we have a chance to perform a deep inner release in ourselves “said Lázara, coordinator of the Lands of Fraternity.

mutirao-limpieza-aguas-figueira-octubre-2016_02Helcio Drago, in charge of the water supply system in the of Community-of-Light of Figueira explained that the cleaning done was to remove accumulated sand on the levees, as well as fallen branches and trees along the water courses. This action helps increase the flow of water to the wheels, reducing the use of electric pumps and hence obtain savings in the consumption of electricity acquired by CEMIG, Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais, (Electricity Company of Minas Gerais).

Creative Life
A similar task was carried out on Thursday, October 13, the Creative Life. On this occasion thirty volunteers attended. Both services followed the same program: began at 7:00 am with the group attunement (connection prayers with nature and the beings of light present in the invisible planes), followed by breakfast and then the practical tasks begins, by 11 am, the moment that all got back together in a circle to complete the journey with an attunement of thanking God for this experience lived.

Broadening of consciousness
Regarding the collective efforts that are carried forward in the Community-of-Light of Figueira, the founder of Spiritual Center, José Trigueirinho Netto, mentioned during a lecture presented on 24 November 2013 that such activities are, for those involved, an opportunity of consciousness expansion. For this to occur, Trigueirinho says it is necessary to step in with an attitude of collaboration, both with the group and with the environment and in faith that we are also cooperating with the Devas of Nature.

Spiritual task
Trigueirinho explained that, insofar as the collective effort is performed in harmony and silence, it turns into a spiritual task and participants learn to practice silent prayer. He also said that the most important is that people put their hearts in what they are doing and are not limited only to material results.

The complete version of this Trigueirinho lecture is available in Portuguese, in the Irdin Editora (Irdin Publisher) page, section lectures, entitled: “Um convite à revisão da vida – A experiência de trabalhar em mutirão” (An Invitation to Life Review – Experience of working in joint effort). The material can be heard or downloaded for free by clicking: