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Campaing: House Light on the Hill
Maintenance of the Service Associations

The Service Associations are institutions that have been arising throughout the years of disinterested and voluntary service of the members of the Network-of-Light and of collaborators of the work in various countries. United in the same purpose of service to the Evolutionary Plan, these institutions congregated themselves in the spirit of union of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, unifying the different sectors of activity to the same principles, in the quest for peace and union.


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The House Light on the Hill, located in Carmo da Cachoeira, southern Minas Gerais, Brazil, has as its foundation altruistic service and fraternal charity. The headquarters of this Nucleus of the Community-of-Light Figueira accommodates the Monastery of Charity of the Grace Mercy Order.

It renders a service that aims not only to the improvement of the material conditions of life, but also promotes the connection of persons with their soul, through a quest for a new way of living. All this work of charity and praise to peace and to good has its basis in fraternity towards all brothers and sisters, of all kingdoms.

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Your contribution is vital for the sustenance of this work of love.

The Association of House of Light on the Hill counts on donations to sustain itself. The contributions, in all manifestations (monetary, material resources or voluntary work), allows the activities of the Association to grow and expand.

When learning to donate ourselves and to donate what we have,
we forget ourselves. And self-forgetting
is the medicine that heals everything.