The Casa Cristo do Bem, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), begins a new project for assisting socially vulnerable young people and continues with the delivery of basic food baskets, vegetables and fruit, and warm takeout food.

400 Vegan Warm Takeout Food distributed every Sunday

There are 400 vegan and vegetarian takeout food distributed every Sunday to street people. They are made in the Casa kitchen by the group “Veggie Takeouts of the Good” and the “Well Done Project.”

Distribution of 35 basic food baskets for socially vulnerable families

35 basic food baskets were distributed, donated by the Portal de Sananda institution for families designated by the Reference Center of Social Welfare – CRAS, in the Río Comprido / Río Janeiro neighborhood.

Distribution of fresh products every Thursday continues faithfully

Each week, the Casa distributes 22 bags of vegetables and fruit to socially vulnerable families in the region of Río Comprido, with donations from the Pão de Açúcar Group.

Ações da Casa Cristo do Bem

Strengthening and support of a Xavante family

Members of the Casa Cristo do Bem are providing assistance to a family of the Xavante tribe that was transferred from their indigenous shelter in the Maracanã / Río Janeiro neighborhood, to a municipal hostel.

The Atukumã project has been started

We have begun the Atukumã project as a pilot project. It is four young people that on a weekly basis, participate in choir classes, environmental education workshops, breadmaking, and self-healing. The Casa Cristo do Bem is looking for institutions that can contribute to the strengthening and growth of the project, so that it can reach more socially vulnerable young people.

Ações da Casa Cristo do Bem