The Light-Communities were designed for experiencing communal life as an expression of the common good, where selflessly serving a greater purpose is learned. The families that live in them experience a great challenge, which is, little by little, to transcend a traditional human family life, and learn to live under the attributes of a Universal Family.

The following is the story of a resident family that decided to live in the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora (Paysandú, Uruguay). Viviana is Ecuadoran, William is Australian, and 13 years ago, Emmanuel was born in Ecuador, waking this loving family up to the need to share the growth of their child in a community, as is done among the indigenous peoples, where various people contribute to the development and inner search of the children.

Comunidade-Luz Fraternidade de Aurora

When they left Ecuador, William followed their decision in a heartfelt way, but still did not feel the inner impulse as intensely as Viviana did. However, today he realizes the incredible journey made with Viviana and Emmanuel and the inner growth that came from his love for his family.

Beginnings are never “rose colored.” While the impulse to go through a different experience was latent, moving away from the family that lived in Ecuador was oppressing to their hearts. “The biggest difficulty wasn’t fear; it was the decision to leave what we loved, in search of an inner purpose, with the uncertainty that you don’t know what you’re going to face,” shares Viviana. However, that did not stop them from immigrating in search of other horizons. “The trust and faith in God causes one to also know that the beings that love us, when they see something is real, that causes us to develop as a being and as a soul, are able to follow us on that journey,” continues the mother of Emmanuel. And so it was. From then on, the family accompanied them on the inner work and adhered to that Project of Love, participating in the events of the consecrations.

After going through a long-term experience in the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora, the three felt the impulse to be consecrated as residents. Viviana tells us: “For me, that moment was a celebration for being able to offer God, as a family, our experience on that journey. I felt immense gratitude for God having allowed me to go through the experience of having the two beings closest to me being able to share that profound aspiration of serving God.” At that time, Emmanuel, being a minor, took the consecration of an aspirant resident, since only with adulthood will he be able to make his own vows, when he will have already travelled an inner path and will be able to make his own decisions.

Comunidade-Luz Fraternidade de Aurora

The results of a child growing up in the Community were visible when Emmanuel, at 11, visited his paternal family in Australia for the first time. William’s family was astounded by his maturity on facing certain situations, such as his lack of interest when they offered to buy him things, answering that he already had what he needed, and the love and sincere caring for the Animal Kingdom beyond just seeing them as pets. Those attitudes, and what the family reflected with their behavior as light-members stirred an interest in the Australian relatives to visit the Light-Communities.

Emmanuel’s mother, he is now 13, comments: “The Light-Communities teach us that happiness is not in what we have materially. With few things, a child can live perfectly happy, and it is in the example given them by their parents that the true learning occurs and what they need most.

After ten years, that tenacious family experienced life in various Communities. All of these taught them something to apply in their family nucleus, in order to wake up the latent seed of the Universal Family. “Here one learns that to live as a family within the Light-Community gives us something that the world in general does not experience, which is to say, respect for the spiritual development of each one. The being recognizes itself as an individual in the light of God, and as a family, we see ourselves as companions on the path, which is much more profound than being only husband and wife.”

Viviana continues: “What stimulates us to continue with these small daily successes is to see a child without the fears experienced in the world; a child that develops freely, surrounded by people who want what is good for them in a natural environment within the Kingdoms of Nature.” And she gratefully concludes: “The start is not always easy, but if we weigh the difficulties against the immense Graces received… there is no comparison.” 

Comunidade-Luz Fraternidade de Aurora