We will celebrate the Day of the Tree, September 21, telling about the reforestation experience carried out by the Comunidade-Luz da Irmandade,  a filiated of Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI).

Everything in Creation is perfect and has its cycles. All elements and Kingdoms of Nature complement each other generating a perfect balance, making possible all life on Earth and even in the Universe.

When man begins to plunder vegetation, it breaks valuable links that unite us with the Source of this Creation that makes posible the existence of all beings.

To repair this type of imbalance that the planet is experiencing, reforestation arises as a way to revitalize and restore the natural cycle that makes everything follow its natural course on Earth, in perfect balance.

Mudas - Dia da Árvore FFHI

Trees, great servants

In addition to the transformation of carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is so vital at a global level, nowadays,  we know that trees also play a fundamental role in the life of the soil given the environmental situation the Earth is going through.

Besides providing fruit, shade and plant matter for the life of all the Kingdoms of Nature, trees also perform a very important underground work. Using their roots and by their internal chemical processes, they renew the mineral life of the soil. Using their roots, they make the soil open so that rainwater can penetrate deeper, preventing erosion and floods which cause risks, even to human environments.

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, trees also perform another type of service which is at a spiritual level. They create a connection with higher energies which maintains part of the subtle balance of the planet.

Reforestation project

The reforestation project of the area of the Light-Community of  Brotherhood, located in the mountain range, Sierras de Córdoba, Argentina, an affiliate of Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), arose from the need to regenerate the habitat given the degradation caused by humans in recent centuries. Among other factors, such degradation was caused by fires, indiscriminate logging of trees and the use of the land for cattle grazing, generated mainly by humans.

Even though the flora native to this region is highly resilient, the factors that have led to the current situation have been continuous and severe. Therefore, helping nature in the regeneration process was necessary.

To carry out this project, it was necessary to consult a forestry engineer from the region, who specializes in the planting of native trees. Besides providing a detailed report, she offered a training course for the members and collaborators of Light-Community of Brotherhood in year 2019. After that initial impulse, about 70 native trees were planted.

Unfortunately, during the last fire in the year 2020, most of the trees were burned. But the project is still in progress and there is always time to start again.

Mudas-Dia da Arvore FFHI

Native trees

At this moment, the Light-Community of  Brotherhood has about 100 seedlings (sprouts) of trees and many seeds to plant in the spring. In the farming area of the Light-Community a greenhouse was built that will serve as a seed nursery to prepare the native trees before transplanting.

For the reforestation project, the trees that will be planted will be native species of the area, since this makes possible a recovery of the natural biological balance.

Currently, the species that are available for planting are: Red Quebracho (Schinopsis marginata), White carob tree (Prosopis alba) and Black carob tree (Prosopis nigra), as well as seeds of wild peach (kageneckia lanceolata), wild apple (Ruprechtia apetala), Roman Cassie (Vachellia caven) and Caranday palm (Trithrinax campestris).

Coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) and Peruvian Pepper/False Pepper tree (Schinus molle), two species that are very common in the region, will also be planted.

Pessego-Dia da Árvore FFHI

Special care

In the Light-Community, there are some people responsible for the care of the trees. However, all the members of the Light-Community of  Brotherhood have the chance to carry out tasks with them and thus have a deeper contact with the Plant Kingdom.

These task include pruning and cleaning. They also perform other tasks:  watering, treatment with organic products to fight the fruit pests. Also, fertilizing and covering the soil with organic matter are carried out.

Today’s symbol of service

Friar Matías of the Sacred Heart of Mary, a monk of the Grace Mercy Order and coordinator of the Light-Community of  Brotherhood, shares with us:

“This offer made to the trees is a small example of what humanity needs to do at this time, when it is no longer enough to talk about self-sustainability and care for nature. After so much devastation that we have generated as humanity, it is necessary to help regenerate the earth.

We feel that the reforestation work using native species is a real opportunity to repair all the harm caused to nature.

Indeed, by participating in the planting of native species from the very first steps such as: preparing the soil, the containers, the tables, and the greenhouse where we do all the work, and later seeing the plants sprout and grow, which eventually will become trees and cover the surface of the field with their shades and fragrances, healing and regenerating the whole area, is something very inspirational and motivating that brings us a lot of joy and hope”.

By following the example of the plants that regenerate themselves with great perseverance facing severe adversities, we gain the faith that it is possible to help with everything within our reach so that the Plant Kingdom  returns to balance. Thus, to be grateful for all that it gives us with its unconditional service.

Plantio Dia da Arvore FFHI.