Between January 18 and 20, 2019, the Nucleus-of-Light of Figueira in Brasilia (Nucleus-of-Light of the Sacred Kingdoms) received, for the first time, the Youth Missionary Practice, a meeting that aims to disseminate and deepen actions of humanitarian service. The event travels several cities, congregating youths so that they may learn teachings about the act of giving of self to their fellow being.

The setting displays a rich landscape typical of the Brazilian cerrado, crowned by the presence of the Piripau River and by beautiful biodiversity of fauna and flora. Therefore, the focus of the work could not be different from service to the kingdoms, which, although so much forgotten, also represent our fellow being in our lives and must likewise receive all care and respect.

Vivencia Misionaria Jovem BrasiliaThe activities concentrated on the harmonization of the spaces in the headquarters of the Nucleus, where gardens with excessive branches and trunks were unblocked, invading plants removed, and tracks of access to the lake organized. Still, in what concerns the Plant Kingdom, the group made the planting of new fruit seedlings in the area of the orchard, and supported the revitalization of an agroforestry system, while having the opportunity of learning a little more about this important technique of sustainable agriculture.

The Animal Kingdom also received its deserved attention, with cares to the horses that live there. These animals were rescued some years ago by the old residents and today receive cares, so as to have a dignified life, without exploitation and living free.

All the activities had the support of the Network-of-Light, which not only helped in the preliminary organization of the meeting, but also actively participated in the actions and welcomed in a very loving manner all the youths, who, at the end of the practice, shared how much those days had exceeded their expectations and touched their trajectory.

Each one of these meetings brings, in itself, an infinity of impulses, which go much beyond the practical tasks. Each prayer, talk and liturgy done, added to the experience of a different co-existence, which is group life, allow to create a condition that expands the consciousness of youth and brings this impulse of what is new. All this captivates the youth consciousness that lives its spiritual awakening and yearns for a knowledge that may fill it.

In addition to these impulses, the group made a study about the Humanitarian Missions, which represent a greater immersion in the law of service and of donation. Thus, the youths learned some actions of Fraternidade both in Brazil and abroad, thanks to the missions, and were able to understand a little more how this work operates, especially by the example of Humanitarian Colombia Mission, which included, for the first time, the Youth Campaign in its board of missionaries.

The work of the Nucleus-of-Light of Figueira of the Sacred Kingdoms continues in full expansion, and one of its goals is to organize monthly meetings with youths, to work instruction and service. The meetings are free, ecumenical and open to all youths who have, within themselves, this yearning to know more about the life of the spirit and how to express it in daily life through service and love for the kingdoms of nature.