The Guarujá Light-Network, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI), was able to receive and donate more than 2 tons of food (apples, pears, oranges, tangerines, onions, garlic, coffee, spices, etc.) during 2020 through the “Donation Program of Excess Food Samples” developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Supply (MAPA).

Doação de Alimentos Rede-Luz Guarujá

“In spite of the difficulties imposed by the social distancing and the advance of the Coronavirus, the group of the Guarujá Light-Network remained firm in its purpose of selfless service, and was able to help many families going through an insecure situation concerning food,” affirms Rosi Freitas, coordinator of the São Paulo Light-Network.

Rosi explained that the donations are delivered by the inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture who are at the customs terminals in the Port of Santos, taking the fruit samples and certifying their use for consumption, and through the Program, donate the samples to social entities.

“I am very grateful to those angels that help us place food on our table,” celebrates Dona Silvanira da Conceição, who became unemployed during the pandemic, and she exclaims: “we are living in a very great crisis because of the Covid-19, and I am very happy that I have legumes, fruit and vegetables to give my children and grandchildren.”

Guilherme Santos, retiree, also expresses the importance of receiving the donations: “to receive this food is a blessing. With the donations, I help my family and my four grandchildren.”

Lavínia R.C., only 13 years old, says that she is very grateful for the donations, not only the ones her family has received, but all the families that were helped.

Doação de Alimentos Rede-Luz Guarujá