The Light-Network of Argentina donates food to avoid more deaths of indigenous children.

Rede-Luz Salta

The Light-Network of Salta sent food during the first few days of March to the community of the Wichi tribe, in Tartagal, province of Salta, Argentina, were just in the month of January eight children have died of malnutrition.

Feeling the impact of the news of infant mortality, the group mobilized efforts to minimize the hunger that the indigenous people of that locality are suffering. With the economic help of the Northern Light-Network, it bought  more than 880 pounds of non-perishable food, besides milk and water, that were properly classified and packaged to arrive in perfect condition at the destination.

Carlos Ferro, president of the Fundación de Apoyo Communitario (FUNDAC) (Foundation for Community Support), was contacted to receive and distribute the donations among the most needy Wichi communities, where there was a record of children dying from malnutrition.

The seriousness of the situation touched the heart of each participant in the campaign, as can be seen from the testimony of Stella Maris Pinto, a member of the Salta Light-Network:

“During these last months we were able to find out more about the great need of the indigenous communities of our country and about the cases of malnutrition and health emergencies. Many people in Salta mobilized to help and we, as a group, also had the opportunity of providing this service, of disseminating the information, requests for donations, transportation and preparation of the donations so that it could be received in good condition.

We felt great joy and love in doing all of this, which cannot be explained in words. Personally, I feel that we are guided, we are blessed (…), most especially on doing all this with much love and in a heartfelt way; we will continue to pray and collaborate.”

This was not the first time that the Light-Network of Argentina gave assistance to the Wichi tribe in Tartagal. In February of 2018, together with the missionaries of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), it participated in the Fraternization Mission, held to provide for the needs occurring after the floods the city experienced.

Since then, the Salta group feels committed to those being assisted, and every six months, takes care of organizing the collection and shipping of food, clothing, and shoes to the needy. All the participants of the Fraternization Mission participated in this initiative.

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