2020 has come to an end. A singular and challenging year, unprecedented in the history of humanity. The Coronavirus pandemic brought us significant lessons: in the shelters it forced us to stop and review concepts and attitudes, to reinvent ways of working and interacting to be able to continue activities safely.

In this video we will see how the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI), even with so many challenges, managed to carry out many activities thanks to the support of partners, volunteers and donors.

  • The 3 missions were continued in: RoraimaColombia, and Angola.
  • Assistance was provided to approximately 1,650 refugees in shelters in Roraima.
  •  It participated in the flow of interiorization of approximately 8,100 Venezuelan refugees in shelters in the Temporary Lodging in Manaus (ATM).
  •  It translated the Sphere Handbook into Portuguese.
  • There were more than 20 training courses for volunteer missionaries and partners, among them:
    • Internal training on the Sphere Standards for approximately 1,200 collaborators of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI).
    • Certification and Education in Times of Emergency – Colombia
    • Training Meetings with Young People of the Saint Isabel Children’s Home – Angola
    • Ubuntu Leadership Academy – Angola Mission
    • Training and Qualification in the Sphere Handbook and Minimum Requirements – INEE
    • Therapeutic Design Courses

In this closing year, we had valuable lessons in empathy and the care of others; to look for more sustainable alternatives based on collaboration, solidarity, and respect for our common home, our Planet Earth.

Above all, the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) thanks all those who contributed so that refugees, immigrants and all the people that were accompanied by the institution this year were able to receive support, care, and dignified conditions of life. It thanks partners, collaborators, volunteers and donors that made it possible for these people to have the hope of beginning again.

We again sincerely thank the partners:

Jose Egas, Representative of the UNHCR in Brazil.

General Antônio Manoel de Barros, Commander of Operation Welcome in Roraima.

Oscar M. Sánches Piñeiro, Regional Director of the UNHCR in Roraima.

Father Jesus López de Bobadilla, Pastoral Migrant Services of Pacaraima, Roraima.

Prof. Dr. Rickson Rios Figueira, prof. of International Rights and Cooperation in the Course on Indigenous Territorial Management, of the Insikiran Institute of Indigenous Higher Training.

We thank the valuable collaborators:

Dr. Paulo Skaf, President of FIESP

Dr. Therezinha Cazerta, Principal of the Escola de Magistrado of TRF3-SP

Dr. Hélcio Honda, Legal Director of FIESP

Grácia Fragalá, Head of the Social Responsibility Committee of FIESP-CORES

Prof. Ricardo Figueiredo Terra, Director of SENAI-FIESP

Dr. Balwant Singh, Executive Director, Sphere Association (Geneva)

Nathalie Beaudoin, General Consulate of Canada

Dr. Matheus Puppe Magalhães, ADVentures Law

Jose Vasquez, Specialist in Risk and Disaster Management

Sara Matarazzo, Director of Bethany, Colombia

Marina Antonia Zárate, CESWaldorf, Colombia

GIFMM, Diego Garcia, UNHCR, Colombia

Reinaldo Nascimento, Education in Emergency

Manuela Lopes, Mahle Institute

We thank the partnership institutions of Operation Welcome that joined forces for carrying out various activities throughout 2020.

We thank the volunteer missionaries that gave their time to be active in some way in the Humanitarian Roraima Mission, which wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s contributions.