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Permanent Mission  in Bogota D.C. and region

The Mission Colombia is born as a response of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions in the face of the humanitarian crisis experienced by migrants from Venezuela, fleeing the economic and social crisis in the country.

Since the middle of June 2019, the Fraternidade International FIHM has been participating in the Interagency Group of Mixed Migratory Flows – GIFMM of Bogota and region, acting in response to the humanitarian emergency in Colombia to generate more opportunities for the Venezuelan migrants that arrive there – whether to build an honorable life in this country, or to continue their journey to other countries.

 Within the GIFMM, the Fraternidade International FIHM participates on two different fronts in the Colombia Mission:

1. Response to the humanitarian emergency: a stage that includes primary assistance and the prevention of risks taken by the newly-emigrated population;

2. Generate protection and socio-economic and cultural inclusion of the Venezuelan migrating population.

Recently the FIHM has united with the agency Bethany Global Services to provide assistance to children and adolescents.

Up until now (November 2019), the Fraternidade has helped 520 children in the Colombian capital. Developing a work in art-education, their goal is to create an environment of protection and the strengthening of these children and adolescents so they can better handle the situation of refuge they are living in.

Objectives of the Colombia Mission

1. To build, together with other organizations, a better response in the face of the growing and complex demand of the migratory crisis in Venezuela;

2. To strengthen the resiliency in the children and adolescents that cope with this situation of humanitarian crisis;

3. To generate better ways to welcome the migrants in Colombia so that they can build an honorable life;

4.To work with the protection of those most vulnerable.

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