Are you capable of separating growth from pain?

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Why does so much suffering afflict humanity of the surface of the Earth? Times of suffering, times of liberation… Are you capable of separating growth from pain? If this is the case, you will have crossed the threshold that guards the future Earth.

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The rescue of the beings of the surface of the Earth was announced a long time ago. In different versions, its advent came to the knowledge of humanity. Today, however, it is more than a prophecy: it is a reality that openly reflects in the material planes.

On the path, you will have many struggles. Keep sharp the sword of determination and in position the shield of devoted persistence. Yes, this is the command now: to advance! Because the portals of the new times open thoroughly to the faithful server.

The one who truly surrenders to the Supreme does not fear, because they have defeated the enemy in themselves.

For small changes, looseness is necessary. For radical transformations, surrender is necessary. For deep transmutations, transcendence of selfishness is necessary. You will learn a lot as you welcome the pain as a messenger of transformation. However, you will know joy if you welcome transformation as a companion of the path. Do not let yourself be brought down by apparent falls; make of them platforms to advance. Neither do you compromise with lassitude: be firm as an arc ready to launch its arrow to the infinite.

That which in the fulfillment of the Evolutionary Plan the human being cannot do for itself, will be done by the Energies. However, before they act, the human being must have played its part. How can it recognize its true face and let it be absorbed by it? Encompassing Inexistence, it will find the stream that silently sustains everything; emptying itself, it will be touched by Plenitude; treading no path, it will arrive in front of the invisible Mirror, where object and image become a single life-expression.

Cultivate the seeds of Good in the heart

The one who sows for themselves, harvest bitterness. The one who in Glory launches the seeds of sublime life, shares the abundance of the Spirit. If you launch your seeds in waste, you will harvest your fruits in restriction. Cultivate the seeds of Good in the heart. Do not try to make gold of stones: the keys to this process do not belong to you, but to the Spirit that dwells in you. Through your hands, the Spirit will do great works.

Those who speak of their own inner process become like porcelain statues: white outside, hollow inside. True silence heals, regenerates, builds. Love solitude. In it, you will find the answers that you need now. It is necessary to have control over what you say. For this, place your thought and affection in the center of your being. Did you invoke wisdom? Humility is the answer that you receive.

Give of yourself. It is necessary to learn to give of yourself

Do not let yourself be deluded by so many projects and accomplishments. In these times, a small silent selfless action is more worthwhile than great deeds. Watch out to not bring to the spiritual path the common life habits of this sickly civilization. Give of yourself. It is necessary to learn to give of yourself. When your mind asks, your heart stirs. The order is to dive within you: you cannot find on the surface of this sea the pearly that you seek. Let yourselves, children of the Earth, be pervaded by the Great Love!

It is already time to wholly assume your task. The decision is yours. Persevere! This battle is not won by the strongest, but by the one who perseveres the most.

Text extracted from the Book: “Inner Peace in Critical Times” (in free Translation, by Trigueirinho), pages 9 to 34.
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