In the times of the pandemic, members of the Joinville Light-Network, catholic communities and supporters of the Pastoral Indigenista (Indigenous Pastoral Ministry) came together to gather non-perishable food, clothing, shoes and items for the emergency kit required by the “isolation houses,” which shelter indigenous people infected by the Coronavirus in the towns of the region.

Rede-Luz Joinville e parceiros apoiam indígenas

According to Luís Alberto, of the coordination team of the Joinville Light-Network, “with the worsening of the pandemic and the growing number of indigenous people infected by Covid-19, our objective was not just to take care of the indigenous people already infected, but also try to stop new cases.”

Through this group action, there were 152 basic baskets given to the Special Secretariat of Indigenous Health (Sesai), 90 kg (198 lbs) of rations, donated by the Balneário Camboriú Light-Network, and emergency kits for the isolation houses. The delivered kits contained mattresses, pillows, bedding and blankets for each of the houses.

Ecological Items of Personal Hygiene

Rede-Luz Joinville e parceiros apoiam indígenas

Acting with the indigenous people of the Tekoá Tarumã Village, the volunteer of the Light-Network, Denise, offered a course on  making ecological diapers and sanitary pads, done in her own home, in Curitiba, in which two indigenous women participated.

Besides the training, Denise also donated sanitary pads and reusable fabric shopping bags made by herself.