More than 4 million people have left Venezuela in recent years,
most of them destined for Colombia.

Missão Colômbia

The Colombia Mission is a humanitarian mission of a permanent nature that the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) has been carrying out since 2018 specifically to help Venezuelan migrants.

Having begun in the bordering city of Cucuta to attend the walkers, the Mission of the FIHM began to operate in Bogota in July 2019, which, as the capital of the country, receives a great flow of migrants who arrive with the hope of restarting their life in a new country.

In October of this year, an agreement of cooperation was signed between the FIHM and the Bethany agency to carry out joint activities in temporary shelters in which Bethany operates in Bogota, which includes training between both organizations.

The work accomplished from this partnership is done for Venezuelan migrating children and adolescents and Colombians returning to their place of origin. Up until November, approximately 520 of them have been helped with playful and recreational weekly activities. This welcoming intends to create a protective environment, besides psychologically and emotionally strengthening them, so that they can handle the challenging situation they are going through.

Missão Colômbia

This partnership also aims to organize humanitarian responses with support and joint projects for 2020, with the objective of providing protection and socio-economic and cultural admittance into this population.

 Up to this moment, 9 voluntary missionaries of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) operate in the Colombia Mission.

The Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) is affiliated with the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF). 

A lot of help is still needed to continue
providing support to the refugees.

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