Two meetings of fraternization gave a final touch to the school year of 2017 at the educational centers of the Community-of-Light of Figueira and of the House of Light on the Hill, affiliated to Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

In a state of simplicity and permeated by a Christmas atmosphere, both meetings were marked by the spontaneity and healthy joy of the children and teenagers that attend this spaces of integral education. In both days, those present interacted in a very enthusiastic and friendly way, sharing moments of prayer, artistic manifestations and a snack.

The Tibetan Park School of the Community-of-Light of Figueira began Secondary School in 2017. “We are in a period of transition, of synthesis of different pedagogical systems that have been worked so far, in search of a more living and intuitive didactics”, explained Taina, the coordinator of the educational school located in the Sacred Heart Nucleus of the Community-of-Light of Figueira.

Making Christmas candles

In the meantime, the Tibetan Park School of the House of Light on the Hill, located in the town of Carmo da Cachoeira, will also begin a new phase in 2018, after the formalization of the Kindergarten. The institution began its activities in 2013 and, in 2015, opened its kindergarten, reminded its coordinator, Analia Calmon. The educational proposal is developed in a very dynamic way, through arts, recreational activities an contact with nature (gardening and communitarian garden).

“We like this place very much, we were welcomed even though we are not part of the Community-of-Light of Figueira. Our daughter (Laura, 4 years old) feels very much at ease here and next year we will bring our other daughter (Maria, 2 years old), said Lester Gonçalves and Graziella Mansur, residents of Carmo da Cachoeira.

Art Education

Creations of the children of Art Education

At the unit Art Education of the House of Light on the Hill, there was a photo and video exhibit of the activities developed during the year. Each child gave to their parents an album of mandalas they created in 2017. There were also moments of prayer, reflection and songs that they expressed with great joy, in a Christmas and ecumenical spirit.

“At Art Education, we seek to help the students become aware, love and overcome their human limitations, discover within themselves their luminous, wise, pacific and loving side, thus strengthening group mingling and creating opportunities for the practice of solidarity, cooperation, union, tolerance, respect and love”, said the coordinator of the school, Maria Helena Paiva.