Last Thursday, May 11, the Network-of-Light group of Guarujá, representing the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation – was summoned by one of the Port Terminals of the city of Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, to receive another donation of provisions. These donations, called “Excess Food Samples”, are part of the Ministry of Agriculture program that refers these provisions to philanthropic institutions.

Community of Carapicuíba
This time the Network-of-Light group of Guarujá joined the group of the Network-of-Service of the Sacred House of Mary – Mother of São Paulo, which, since 2012, regularly makes, every Thursday, playful and educational activities and social assistance in the town of Carapicuíba, located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

In the service activities that took place on May 18 in the Communitarian Hall of Saint Michael church, in Carapicuíba, 30 children participated in several activities and games. Besides the representatives of the Group of Service of the Sacred House of Mary, Mother of São Paulo, there were volunteers, collaborators, representatives of the Network-of-Light of the cities of Santo André and São Bernardo and members of the Health and Healing group.

Donations from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture
The food items received by the Network-of-Light group of Guarujá, through the Ministry of Agriculture program, were donated in three different days:
– On May 13, all the items of the Term dated May 11, except onions and garlic, were destined to the Sacred House of Mary, Mother of São Paulo, affiliated to the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.
– The 220 kilos of provisions were donated on May 17 in the Community of Morrinhos IV, in the city of Guarujá, São Paulo, and on May 18, in the town of Carapicuíba.

This group initiative brought joy among groups and united the serving hearts.

Saint Joseph instructs us in the message of October 15, 2015:
“…Joy must be present as essence in all you do: the joy of silence, the joy of transformation, the joy of sacrifice, the joy of correction, the joy of praying, the joy of serving, the joy of being a living part of the Plan of God. If this joy were alive in the heart of all servers, it would be like the fire that keeps love ablaze in the heart of all beings and transforms all rigidity and all difficulty into simplicity and lightness…”