Labirinto na Comunidade-Luz Figueira

 To walk the labyrinth, a symbol of our walk through life, offers a valuable opportunity for those seeking self-knowledge. Concerning this evolutionary instrument, the spiritual philosopher, José Trigueirinho Netto, tells us:

“(…) The Labyrinth is a very ancient symbol, and has many meanings. These meanings vary in Egypt, Greece, Asia. Consequently, it is a complex, rich and very deep symbol. For us here in the Figueira Light-Community, the Labyrinth symbolizes our walk toward contact with the High Self. The circular shape of the Labyrinth symbolizes the walk through life, drawing closer to the center. Walking the Labyrinth causes us to reflect that we are moving toward the center of our Consciousness. The Labyrinth, as a means for alignment, concentration and a search for inner silence, is recommended for everyone (…)”

The Labyrinth is not the Straight Path. It is a learning process that we go through before that. First, we have to take many turns until we choose the Straight Path.

The Labyrinth corresponds to the 12 Labors of Hercules.

The Sacred Kingdoms Figueira Light-Nucleus in Brasilia (SKLN), affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), is currently carrying out some projects which make it possible to offer practices to whomever is looking for self-knowledge.

Just like in the Light-Nucleus, in the Light-Communities connected with the HumanitarianFraternity (FIHF) are present: labyrinth, a geodesic-shaped house of prayer, a circle of stones and others. Those manifestations can facilitate an awakening to inner reality, helping in the expansion of consciousness. We know that in the world of energies, a small impulse can trigger significant shifts.

What is materializing in the SKLN: a labyrinth, inspired by the one in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Chartres (France); a house of prayer in the geodesic format; a circle of stones and an open-air shower area. Completing this scenario, there are two lakes in the area, surrounded by the abundant vegetation of the Cerrado, which brings great serenity to the locality.

Labyrinth – Concentration and Alignment

Since Antiquity, the labyrinth has awakened the interest of humankind. For many, it’s about a mystery, while others attribute unsettling meanings to it. There was the labyrinth on the Island of Crete, which was part of initiation rituals, and those in the Egypt of 1800 b.c., formed by twelve adjacent and covered gardens, surrounded by walls. They were routine in the paved floors of Christian churches, and this format was common in the gardens of the great Italian villas and parks.

To walk a labyrinth can symbolize the way to the center of the being. Whoever follows the path with determination, without wandering or getting confused, learns that deviations and approaches are apparent. When walking in a labyrinth, each time we change our perspective, we realize that we’re practically never going back in the same direction for very long.

A labyrinth is associated with the spiral of life and creation. It is a manifestation of the symbolic path that takes a human being to God. In fact, energies are activated when we walk many meters on this stone path. In the #4 Signs Bulletin, an old trimestral publication of the Figueira Spiritual Center, we can read: “This journey toward the center of the being requires faith, obedience and discipline from the person walking. Faith to continue their pathway, although sometimes they seem to deviate from the center, which is the goal; obedience for completing the journey; discipline so as to not delay nor hurry their steps.”

Labyrinth Project – Photos and Data

The entrance to the labyrinth of the Sacred KingdomsLight-Nucleus is placed southwest by northeast, according to the geographic orientation of the Chartres labyrinth, in the following way:
Labirinto na Comunidade-Luz Figueira
Geographic Orientation of the Notre Dame Cathedral.  Source: Internet
Its southwest/northeast (SW/NE) axis will be aligned with the entry door of the house of prayer in the following way:
Labirinto na Comunidade-Luz Figueira
Dimensions of the SKLN labyrinth and SW/NE orientation
The labyrinth designed for the SKLN maintains the harmonious dimensions of the sacred geometry of the Chartres labyrinth, with double the original diameter of 12.90 m (42.3 ft). It was built with a diameter of 25.80 m (84.6 ft), keeping the rest of the proportions of the original project, in the following way:
Labirinto na Comunidade-Luz Figueira
Dimensions of the Chartres labyrinth in the Notre Dame Cathedral. Source: Internet

The length of the labyrinth path in the SKLN is 526.10 m (1,725 ft) to the center, making a total of 1,052.20 m (3,452 ft) in its completed path to the center and back. This path, 70 cm wide (2.29 ft), was built with Pirenópolis stones, with grass between and around them.

 To finish the construction, 30 Italian Cypress (Tuia piramidalis) seedlings were planted around the labyrinth in a circle, with 3.14 m (10 ft) between each tree.

Labirinto na Comunidade-Luz Figueira
May the recent completion of the Labyrinth, which symbolizes a practice of alignment and inner harmony for beings, represent a new cycle for the Figueira Light-Nucleus in Brasilia, which is fully dedicated to serving the beloved Kingdoms of Nature: mineral, plant, animal, elemental and human. Labirinto na Comunidade-Luz Figueira