The energy of a group song closed the musical experience “Grow Up Singing”, when the professor, decided to build an occasional choir united in one song, made up of assistants, teachers, parents, and children of the schools of the city of Carmo da Cachoeira, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. José Carlos Bago d’Uva is the author of the book Grow Up Singing, and was just arriving from Portugal to teach his method. He states: “In every community, group singing fosters a new and better dimension of reality…, we lift our art to a spiritual dimension”, and adds “that is my banner.”

The workshop, beginning on Sunday the 3rd of March, ended last Friday 7th of the same month. The event unfolded in the venue of Art and Education of the city, which belongs to the Education Sector of Casa Luz da Colina (House of Light on the Hill), an affiliate of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI)


Harmonious Dynamic

The venue was very active. The children, sorted by age, took turns going through the interactive classroom of the teacher. Moreover, demonstrating his premise “the method that I propose can support the work that already exists”, José Carlos trained teachers, assistants, and parents on the last day.

To be highlighted is that a few days before, he lovingly accepted taking on a group of old ladies from the sector of healing of Casa Luz da Colina, an activity that was concurrent with the program of the workshop. The old ladies, following the instructions of the professor, each with their limiting condition, managed to follow along. A harmonious environment emerged, where for about an hour, these ladies became young children again, forgetting about their illnesses, pain, and situations. They bravely accepted the challenge and gave themselves entirely to the experience.

Concerning the teaching provided during the experience, José Carlos said: “what was done was wonderful, from work with the children and adolescents to the task with adults and old people”. “As individuals, the experience allowed their genuine values of respect, solidarity, and fraternity to stand out, and it was very good to once again confirm how group singing causes hearts to smile in people allowing themselves to be caught up….”

Sound as an expression of the soul

“…the main thing is that we have to contact the sound, being attentive to what can be found behind what is happening, to be there, very connected, because the sound is what deeply works upon us” – Trigueirinho

Participants in the musical experience sharing their own experience:

María Eduarda Fernandes, 12 years old, in the 7th grade at the school Profesor Wanderley Ferreira de Rezende, in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira, was very excited and had a huge smile, saying: “I loved everything I learned, many songs, exercises so that my voice can be heard better, a weaving of voices, and singing with the adults in a choir. I would like to learn more and have another experience.”

Helena Aparecida Fernandes, teacher of music at the Parque Tibetano School in the city of Carma da Cachoeira and a member of the choir of the Light-Communities, said: “I am particularly pleased with the method of the professor José Carlos of working so much both with children and with adults. It was very stimulating for us to open more and more to the vibration of sound. Without a doubt, together with my companion, the other teacher, we will put our hearts into trying to regularly use this method. It was super”.

Kayla Vazo de Jesús Said belongs to the choir of the Light-Communities and is going through the experience of working as a conductor assistant and supporting both adults and children in the choir. She was delighted during the whole experience and very pleased with the method. “I consider that the method is complete, profound, and is not limited only to vocal technique, because its exercises help any individual who tries them. It is comprehensive in the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual aspects.

Elshaddaina, the director of the choir of the Light-Communities, said: “this instruction of José Carlos was very good; it brought freshness, it reminded us of the playful side of life.” And she added: “I also liked the surrender that he makes of his soul. It is catching, becoming one with sound. It can be seen that as people connect with their soul, the will to sing all of the time appears. It is just that the soul is that way, its nature is happiness, and it manages to express it through sound, through music, through a song.”

Growing Up Singing through the musical experience sends a great impulse for continuing with this transformative work based on sound and with the building of a group energy in perfect harmony with the Greater Plan.

“Yes, in the eyes of the stars and all the infinity of the cosmos, we can be the manifestation of their light. Like mirrors of happiness, we can radiate the unity and harmony that music, when done in a group, lights up in our essences.”
José Carlos Bago d’Uva

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