The Communities-of-Light were created with the purpose of expressing Fraternal Life. They represent the seed of a new humankind, based on principles and values centered on the donations of the beings to the One and Only Life.

At these communities, each member has the opportunity of deepening the quest for their own Divine Essence and of living completely donated. The practice of good, the self-surrender and love forge the relationships and the new patterns of conduct. They also guide the execution of daily tasks, accompanied by prayer, by study, by music, by retreat and by the selfless service to the Human, Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms.

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The Communities-of-Light represent a rare opportunity of living in Group Life a Consecrated Life, in glory and union with the Only Father. It is an invitation to the integration and the evolution of all who come close to these places and, especially, of those who seek the Light within themselves and their connection with the Most High.

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Community-of-Light of Figueira, located in the rural area of Carmo da Cachoeira, southern Minas Gerais, Brazil, is a projection on the surface of the Earth of Mirna Jad Planetary Center. It is dedicated to universal evolution, cultivates harmony and facilitates the cooperation among those who seek to transform themselves. It has as its bases the group life at the Community and the consecrated life in the Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order. It is a reference of selfless service, whose nucleus of experience has been active since 1987.

Figueira deepens the seeking of a new state of consciousness, whether in the group relationships, whether in the selfless service to the kingdoms of nature and to humanitarian help. The healing energy, prayer, self-donation and the aspiration to the entrance to a broader consciousness nourish, in those present at Figueira, the sintony with the reality of the inner worlds. Here several Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order are established, and so is Marian Center of Figueira. The energy of consecrated life that permeates these areas carries out an important work in those who open themselves to transformation, setting the bases for a future humanity.

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Community-of-Light Fraternity of Aurora, located in a rural area of the city of Salto, Uruguay, gathers brothers and sisters who aspire to develop a new form of life guided by the spirit. To achieve this, the Community offers to its residents and visitors prayer, service, instruction, music and contact with the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

This Community-of-Light is a projection on the surface of the Earth of Aurora Planetary Center and also has a healing and spiritual rehabilitation center, forged in the daily routine through the faithful and unconditional service of beings dedicated to the love of others and to the elevation of consciousness. Its sustentation comes from the cooperation of monks, servers and collaborators.

Seven Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order are manifested at Community-of-Light Fraternity of Aurora and also Marian Center of Aurora.

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Created recently, Community-of-Light of Brotherhood is located in Cordoba, Argentina. Linked to the energies of ERKS Planetary Center, it is in full process of consolidation and development of its tasks, connected to service to the different kingdoms.

At this community is the Monastery of the Fraternity, connected to Grace Mercy Order, and Marian Center of the Holy Spirit. In due time we shall inform their website address, being build right now.

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Community-of-Light New Earth is located in the green valley of Gamboa, among the mountains of Capim Ridge, in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro. In this true spiritual home, fraternal life and the harmonious coexistence among the kingdoms are the keys to communitarian life.

The experience of “Awareness through Coexistence”, sustaining key theme of the Nucleus of Service Crer-Sendo, brings to Community Nova Terra the real possibility of life in tune with a higher consciousness, of union and consecration with higher planes, thus capable of manifesting new patterns of conduct.

This community is the Divine Hope and Redemption Monastery, linked to the Order Grace Mercy and the Marian Center of the Child King .

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Community-of-Light of Fleur-de-Lys

The Community-of-Light of Fleur-de-Lys is a projection on the surfasse of the Earth of the Planetary Center of Lys-Fátima. It is currently located in Frazoeira, near the village of Dornes, Portugal.

The Community-of-Light of Fleur-de-Lys offers rhythms of group and individual prayer, studies and maintenance of the rooms of the houses, of the external areas and integration with nature. By means of the extant consecrated life and group life, the Community-of-Light welcomes collaborators and Network-of-Light groups, conducting thematic monthly gatherings, as is the case of the meetings of the Choir of the Community (see There are also half-yearly meetings of updating and deepening about the manifestation of the work in Europe.

We gather weekly to the groups of the Planetary Network-of-Light, to the other Communities-of-Light and Nuclei, accompanying via internet the transmissions of the lectures given live by Trigueirinho and the studies of friar Luciano da Puríssima Mãe, held nowadays in Spain and Portugal. We also join, during the whole month, all the collaborators and pilgrims of the planet, following the transmissions of the Divine Messengers.

All those who seek in group life the encounter with their own inner essence, with new standards of behavior, based on simplicity and on love between the Kingdoms, in a subtle approach to the inner reality of the Planetary Center of Lys-Fátima.

Comings to the Community-of-Light are previously scheduled with the secretary at

or phone: 00351 249 534 687 | 00351 916 743 426

Read the message of Mary, Rose of Peace, about the creation of the Community-of-Light Fleur-de-Lys by clicking here.