Through the Shasti Association, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), headquartered in the United States, the English and Spanish versions of the book Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions – True Stories About Selfless Service in a Troubled World will be distributed in almost all the countries of Europe, Asia, and North America, among others. It will also be possible to purchase them through the digital commercial website of Amazon and other online or physical bookstores.

According to the executive editors, Gran (Magda Beatriz) and Micha-El (Alan) Berkowitz, books will be printed only “on demand” or distributed in e-book format, and the “target audience will mainly be people related with the Work, with Trigueirinho, sympathizers and devotees of the Divine Messengers, and all the Planetary Light-Network; as well as institutions associated with the Fraternity (FIHF) and others that offer humanitarian services.”

The author of the book, Ana Regina Nogueira, speaks about the importance of the broad distribution of the work: “The book serves as a guide for those who work for peace over conflict and acute disturbances, which are expanding. Reading it gives one knowledge of undisclosed injustices. The examples of selfless service can cause the reader to reflect on their life and to find within themselves the strength to break away from the difficulties and prejudices that get in the way of the giving of self.”

Distribution of the book in times of the Pandemic

Gran Berkowitz speaks about the way the pandemic affects the publishing market and on the interest of the readers for subjects such as what the book Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions addresses: “The Pandemic has two aspects: in relation to the printing of the books, there may be a greater delay because of this emergency situation; however, on the part of the readers, it is possible that the demand will increase, because people are at home and have more time for reading. And further, subjects such as the one in this book reflect a reality that we all are experiencing at this time.”

She also emphasizes that, “the subject of the Fraternity book is very current, deep, and real. It touches hearts and reflects realities that address all of humanity. [The book] causes us to reflect on and impels us to act for the common good. [It] offers us a model of assistance that is truly humanitarian, rather than welfare or institutional interest. It fosters a humanitarian vision aligned with high spiritual principles, that goes beyond material objectives.”

A message from the author

Ana Regina Nogueira writes directly to her readers:

“Dear reader, we wish the virtues and renewing energies of healing and joy [of this book] be applied and radiated!”

Happy reading!