Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation develops several activities directed to refugees in the five shelters it manages in Roraima, the Brazilian state that most receives the population that escapes the crisis in Venezuela. Among these activities, many are educational, carried out in partnership with the UNHCR – High Commissioner of the United Nations refugee Organization, and applied by social educators, volunteers in the Fraternidade.

Art workshops, musical wheel, integrative Literacy, Interactive Portuguese, School reinforcement, recreation, sports and agroecological garden are some of the main activities in this field. Those responsible for these educational programs emphasize that they collaborate “to promote psychosocial resilience in this scenario of visible vulnerability.” From this, it is possible to reconstruct “daily a welcoming environment for the acquisition of intellectual, emotional and relational skills and performances that foster hope to those whose only perspective, not uncommon, is to start over.”

At Pintolândia Shelter, located in Boa Vista, capital of Roraima, more than 100 children and young indigenous Venezuelan refugees participate in various educational activities daily. The short video is a snapshot of the workshop Horta Agroecological, ministered by Frei Antonio Jazmín del Divino Spiriritu, volunteer at the Fraternidade, which fell into the taste of the child of the shelter, such as, little Yordi Gonzalez. The activity also encourages in the child respect and harmony with the environment.