The warmth of the reunion

On November 8, after being closed since March of 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Parque Tibetano School opened its doors to receive teachers and pupils, beginning its teaching activities in a hybrid format, which combines in-person activities and remote activities.

The return to school was prepared  with a great deal of dedication, and various activities were carried out in implementing it. In the teacher’s meetings, the educational team strived to be in alignment with the need for welcoming and listening to the children and their families, taking on the joint work of being guardians of the life and legal protocols required for a return to social interaction.

The joy and contentment of everybody being able to again be in the School’s environment was visible. What was once a space of harmony and beauty has become a space for strengthening collaborative activities of care and maintenance in various ways.

In spite of everything being very well prepared for a return to class, we didn’t know for sure how that return would be experienced by each person, which required the entire team to be open to look at and welcome the new that is about to become visible in each moment.

The School’s space and the relationships woven there created the necessary conditions for children and youths to experience new discoveries, reframing experiences and knowledge. Challenges came to be seen as opportunities, and practicing cooperation, respect, confidence, reconnection with the self, with others and with the Kingdoms of Nature, very present in the School.

It was found that the presence of the teacher and direct and fraternal contacts reaffirmed important connections in the learning process, valuing its place as one that intentionally welcomes, mediates, enhances and expands educational processes.

The joy of in-person experiences

Lester, the father of two of the students (kindergarten and 2nd grade), commented that after the return to in-person activities, the children came back home full of joy, and when they found out that later on there would be holidays, said they didn’t need to rest, that they wanted to continue going to school.

Matteo (10 years old, 4th grade student) says: “I like going to school a lot, because I like doing the in-person activities with the teacher a lot. I like being able to play a lot with the other children that I don’t see every day; I like to do the activities, the routines… I wanted to be able to go to school every day!”

Sister Inmaculada, educational coordinator of the school, and assistant 4th grade teacher, declared: “I feel there is no comparison, the possibility of coming together, of being able to really be in the presence and direct and fraternal contact with and among the children; that has brought about a renewal of energy to the whole school. It’s been possible to see how happily the children come. Their respecting and valuing the school a great deal more. They are participating more, more enthusiastic. We saw how much the children have grown, matured, and in the discussions, we are able to hear about what they experienced in the period of isolation, seeing how much resilience they developed.”

The educational coordinator then adds: “On the other hand, in the group attunements (opening times of the day), we perceived that the children are able to express themselves and talk about themselves without fear, and this has been a very enriching exercise for everybody. They reveal the point they are at, on their path in literacy, and they listen very respectfully to each other.”

So, in spite of the challenging time being experienced by humanity, the whole school community was overjoyed at the opportunity for this reunion before school holidays!