Young members of the Community-of-Light of Figueira have shared with monastics of the Grace Mercy Order and the Group of the Trees, responsible for the care for this plant Kingdom in the Community-of-Light, a  practice of group service to the Kingdoms. The activity took place on Saturday, June 2, in the Wood of Harmony, a natural reservation of the Marian Center of Figueira, where the Indigenous Consciousness is vividly represented.

Spiritual attunements and practical tasks of cleaning and harmonization of the place permitted, during three hours, the integration of the participants in an experience of unity with the whole Creation.

“I felt a very intense connection with nature, with the trees, and with such special wood”, highlighted Germán Arruti, 23, who has been living in the community for two months and who had his first experience in the Wood of Harmony.

To Pallas Athena, an adolescent of 16, the practice constituted an occasion to  perceive the great need the Kingdoms of Nature have of receiving the help of human beings. “We normally do not dedicate even a minute whatsoever to contemplate a tree, to feel it, to feel the wind; with the experience of today, I could feel this, I could connect with these brothers and sisters, because we are part of nature, we are one”, expressed the youth. She proposed that this kind of meetings take place with a certain regularity.

Rosa, 21, and with one year of experience in the group of Missionaries of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, said the practice in the Wood of Harmony was like “penetrating, in consciousness, the whole suffering of the trees and of the Indigenous Consciousness”. She added that it was a gorgeous work of union, which she hopes has radiated to the whole Planet.

Constantin José, 23, considered it is a task that is fundamental to learn to overcome difficulties in relationship, in group interaction, to achieve a better communication. “I felt there was a very great interaction among those who were present; I did not feel time pass. It was an opportunity to share together a great experience. The work proceeded very well”, he commented.