Once a week, a group of volunteers gathers in the House of Light on the Hill, affiliated with the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to conduct an offering of love for the Animal Kingdom: the making of vegan cookies for the dogs that live with their owners within the Community-of-Light of Figueira and in the premises of the House of Light on the Hill. The cookies are made in a wood oven, with a totally natural recipe, that is, without any chemical preservatives.

“It is a simple offering we make with the intention of radiating a little love to the Animal Kingdom, offering something that does not require animal sacrifice. At the moment, we assist the dogs that are in the aura of this spiritual center but, who knows, maybe in a forthcoming future we may extend the service to other animals too, always with this energy of love that is so necessary on the planet”, comments Hayla, one of the members of the voluntary group that gather every Saturday, at 9 a.m. to make the cookies for dogs.

biscoitos-cachorros-08“At the moment, we are four who have assumed the task, but we are open to receive other collaborators who want to help”, completes Hayla.

The ingredients utilized are: whole-wheat flour, white flour, cassava starch, carrots, beets, pumpkins, linen seeds and vegetable oil. The recipe does not include components of animal origin.

biscoitos-cachorros-01The process begins, according to Hayla, with the washing, the chopping and the liquefying of the beet and the carrot; the dough is mixed in the  kneading-trough with the flours, linen seed and oil until it reaches the consistency; then the dough is placed on the table, where it is molded with the hands; then it is cut into small pieces and placed in special moulds so that they rest before they are taken to the oven. “The cookies are made in a format that lets the dogs, when they eat them, facilitate the cleansing of their teeth, and alleviate stress as well, because they need to chew something hard and this satisfies them, they like it a lot”, continues Hayla. Once they are baked for approximately 50 minutes, they are left to rest and then they are put in baskets until the following day, to have time to dry and acquire the necessary hardness. At last, the product is placed in six-unit packs, each one identified with the name of the animal, and distributed.

biscoitos-cachorros-06“Making these cookies awakens in me a love as special as the one you feel for a child, a dialog is established with each ingredient as it is manipulated and enters another dimension, in communication with the High; it is really a pleasure, because very few are concerned with the life quality of these little animals. To see the joy they feel when they receive their daily cookie gives such satisfaction that you cannot ask anything more”, declares Pascoal, another volunteers.

biscoitos-cachorros-09“And among us such a great unit prevails, because we spend some very special hours here, inside an environment of great peace and harmony”, states on her turn Camila, another member of the voluntary group. She participates together with her little son Samuel, 4 years old. “He loves this task, he has taken it with a very great sense of responsibility. When it is Saturday, he cannot wait to come here and roll up the sleeve, he enjoys a lot and when he returns home with the cookies, he offers them to our dog with such love, that a very special communication establishes itself between them. To me it is very important, because at an early age my son learns you can give to animals food that is living and more worthy and just a piece of meat or an animal feed. He also discovers he can offer his dog something specially prepared for it, just as food is fixed for him and his parents”, completes Camila.