Avigail Reinosa discovered his talent for painting about five years ago. The indigenous artist of Warao ethnicity lived in the region of the Orinoco Delta, in the east of Venezuela, but he was forced to let it all go and leave the country in search of new opportunities in Brazil.

Even in the face of an extreme situation, he managed to be guided by his own spirit. Inspired by the culture of his ancestors, his sensitivity for art blossomed in a natural way and manifested through painting, a form of expression that connects him with his origins and his indigenous essence.

“When I paint, I want the Warao that are in Brazil to feel and see that we carry our culture and our customs wherever we go: we do not leave them behind. We always carry our culture and our customs in our heart,” affirms Avigail.

Currently, Avigail Reinosa is one of the Venezuelan Indigenous people being given shelter by Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, in the Pintolandia Shelter, located in Boa Vista.

At this time, the place has more than 560 Venezuelan Indians of Warao and Eñap’a ethnicity.

The Roraima Humanitarian Mission is permanently working to preserve the original culture of the indigenous peoples that stay in the shelters it administers.