Touching and inspired testimonials from youths give the tone of the internal impulses propitiated by the Spiritual Academy of Instruction in Figueira.

“Light is understanding, high understanding” (Trigueirinho)

By Paulo Castro*

Academic instruction dictates the rhythm of civilization in the common life of the surface of the Earth. While authentic, transforming and indispensable spiritual instruction is relegated to laudable centers of exception in this present level of development of humanity, universities professors are still resistant to true education.

To the lack of universities inspired by the directives of higher evolution, the “academies of light” (the laudable centers of exception) provide the melodic tone that can refine the planetary frequency to more subtle scales, in harmony with the symphony that emanates from high planes of consciousness.

Academia de InstruçãoOne of these centers of knowledge attuned with the principles that govern Life attends by the name of Spiritual Academy of Instruction, chair of excellence founded in Aurora (Paisandu, Uruguay) in 2013, but which – at the beginning of this year of 2019 (between the 25th and the 27th of January) – opened in the Community-of-Light of Figueira, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brasil, for young people who work in the Youth Campaign for Peace in Brazil and in other countries.

The purpose of the event, which was imparted by Mother María Shimani de Montserrat and had the presence of young representatives and members of the Network-of-Light from 7 Brazilian states and 11 countries, was to propitiate the deepening of these young people in philosophical-spiritual teachings necessary for the advent of the New Humanity in the near future.


At the end of the meeting, on January 27, Friar Sebastian, a monk of Grace Mercy Order (OGM), interviewed several young people and collected touching testimonials, inspired by the Christ spirit that reigned throughout the whole event. One of these young people is Guilherme Gontijo, a member of the group of Youth Campaign for Peace of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. For him, the meeting was “a journey of self-knowledge, an opportunity of getting in touch with a safe instruction, from levels of consciousness from which we are often distant in our daily life”.

According to Guilherme, the Spiritual Academy of Instruction facilitates to young people “to get in touch with this dimension, with this amplitude of cosmic life, to know that we are part of processes and movements relating with the Universe and to try to experience this life in some way, the values of that life, the law that governs this life”, he said. For the spiritual youth from Minas Gerais, “in this sense, knowledge liberates: we can get in touch with the Truth or with aspects of Truth, such as is said in the Bible, it can be liberation from processes with which we are daily dealing with”, he stated.

Influence positively

When asked by Friar Sebastian how the event could positively influence the work of their group, Guilherme answered that “the Youth Campaign is within the Campaign for Peace, and in its turn, is within the Work as a whole. So, taking into account that what we do within this Project is a channel of the Hierarchy gives us the dimension that small actions and any movement we make to try and concretize the Greater Law in this plane is worthwhile”, he assured.

Academia de InstruçaoThen he said that “it is to take to our activities the certainty that there is a whole current, a whole Plane, a whole dimension that is behind the action that we are doing, sometimes, in a dog kennel, in a shanty town, in a mission or in a simple prayer. We can value this action within a whole plane, a whole much bigger dimension”, he said.

To the young man from Minas Gerais, “Figueira, the Planetary Center of Mirna Jad, as a center of instruction for the whole work, also nourishes the consciousness of youth. I talk about the Planetary Center because Figueira has had a monastic seed, very strong monastic principles since its beginning. And, as we know, the monastic consciousness is a principle that will manifest itself more strongly in the future. So, I guess this presence of the monstery, of the consecrated life within this environment of instruction is important, enriching. I think it enriches and strengthens some internal foundations of one’s own being, one´s own trajectory “, he finished.

The experience of inner love

A member of the youth group of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Júlia Farias highlighted that “what has touched me the most until now was the need for the service, the need to serve, and through that service, we learn to love, to love everyone equally, all the Kingdoms”.

When Friar Sebastian asked her what the Academy has added to her about knowledge and experience in her conception of love and in her quest to be able to live it, Júlia – who is a nutritionist and writes, in her group, texts on conscious eating – affirmed that “the Academy awakened the idea that internally we can always deliver more than what we are delivering and everything we have been through until now has moved a lot in the cardiac area”.

But for her, why is service the path? “Because it is our mission. We have come here to serve. This planet is the planet-school of love and, through service we find love”, said the young nutritionist from Santa Catarina.

The grander of Instruction

In its turn, the young man Caio Azevedo, who already helped his group, in Rio de Janeiro, to organize Youth Festivals for Peace, ensured that “without a doubt, only if you perceive in a wider way everything that surrounds you, to have this clarity that was showed in this meeting, it makes you stand in another position in relation to anything, in relation to your normal life, which is seen from such a small point of view in view of the greatness of having access to information here”.

Encounter with our divine affiliation

Bárbara Venturoso, the only youth of the Network-of-Light of the Federal District, responsible for the creation of the youth group of Brasília, assured that “this event now is extremely important and strengthens what is happening in Brasília, which has a nucleus that has just emerged (Nucleus-of-Light of Sacred Kingdoms), to call these youths to continue the task with me and with all those who are there”.

Academia de Instrução - FigueiraTo her, “it is very important to come here to strengthen myself with this energy, with these other young people, people who are in tune with what I feel, with what I believe. The learning is sensational! This is an encounter with our divine affiliation and it is not just a meeting of feeling, but also of much knowledge”.

Final message of the meeting

As a synthesis of the meeting, the youths left several messages. Júlia stated that thanks to the evolutionary service, “we can achieve the most genuine feelings, such as love, fraternity, unity”. Caio emphasized the importance of the fact that the youths could awaken to goodness, for the simple things of life, to look more to the kingdoms of nature, and of couse, to serve them”, because “in the complexity of life the solution to find peace cannot be found”. Finally, Bárbara concluded that the event made it possible for us “to remember that we are not alone and we should walk together”.


* Paulo Castro is a member of the Network-of-Light of the Federal District and a collaborator of Figueira since 2003. He is a journalist, publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine For a Better World, which in its 5th editon (2018), presented as cover story, the laudable trajectory of the humanitarian missions of Fraternidade – Humanitarian International Federation (FHIF) (a document of that edition, entirety available in He uses to synthesize the way he was received by Mirna Jad with few words: “Trigueirinho was and will always be a father to me. As José himself recorded in one of his books: “Not even a thousand wise words could express the gratitude of a consciousness that was lifted from darkness to the Light”. I miss you, Master”.