“The key word is still love”, declared Tissianie Almeida, a missionary of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, who participated in Brumadinho Mission. The mission continues in the region affected by the breaking of a tailings dam.

The team of Fraternidade arrived willing to do what was necessary. An example of this was the cleaning and the destination of trash generated in the place of work of the volunteers in Brumadinho. The organization both of the material received as a donation and of the space of attendance to animals was also fundamental for the good progress of the veterinarian procedures.

“We are there to be a channel of love, of calm, of peace and harmony. It is not we who work, but the Divine Energy, who descends and uses the servers. I think this is one of the greatest lessons in the missions”, commented Tissianie.


The unity among missionaries, volunteers, and professionals involved in the Brumadinho Mission is very strong. The effect of the solidarity present in all was perceived on the day when the team of missionaries of Fraternidade said good-bye to the group to begin working in another locality. Heartfelt “thank you” and mutual greetings were exchanged in the act of recognition for the services rendered.

“This unity creates a certain order amidst the situation of chaos”, said Gabriel Reis, a young missionary of Fraternidade.

Help to the Animal Kingdom

The mitigation of animal suffering is one of the main focuses of Brumadinho Mission. “I was afraid of dogs, and, all of a sudden, I saw myself before a German Shepherd and huge dogs, but I said: “This is the task, let’s go!”. And the dogs were docile; they felt we were there to help”, revealed the missionary Sandro de Camargo. The gratitude and love emitted by the rescued animals were noticeable to the missionaries.

Gabriel reflected about the consequence of each small gesture of love towards the Animal Kingdom: “Taking into account all that humanity does to the animals, the help and the attention from us were a deep karmic rescue, which resounds in levels that we do not even imagine”.

An invitation to the readers

The missionaries quoted in this text sent a message to all those who feel the purpose of somehow contributing or of directly participating in the missions. Sandro said that “To serve our fellow beings and the Kingdoms of Nature is something that fills us. There is no way we can explain the joy that we feel”.

Gabriel, on his turn, said that “if you feel, deep down, the [aspiration to] go through a missionary experience, grab the opportunity. Do not let it go for an unnecessary reason. The most important things are internal impulses. True things are those that come from the depth of the soul, of the heart. So, do not lose the opportunity of serving and of helping in the missions!”

And Tissiane concludes, sharing that “every personal problem is, so to say, ‘annihilated’ by a mission, regardless of what you are going through or feeling. When you are on the mission, you are the mission. You become happy and smile, with profound gratitude, for just serving, just for organizing the trash or the medicine, cleaning the stall or the feces of the animals. Any task is deep love. It is inexplicable”.

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