Four young people, four different realities. Hope is what they all have in common. This video contains the testimony of the refugees and the volunteer missionaries of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI), and presents the perception of each one of them in one of the greatest humanitarian crises of recent times in Latin America: the crisis that triggered the exodus of close to 5 million Venezuelans from their country.

Junior and Glennysmar left Venezuela with their families, and little by little are managing to become established in Brazil. Living respectively in the Janokoida and Pintolândia shelters, they tell us about their journey of coming to Brazil: the long walk on foot, the difficulties in adapting to the new language, the new culture. Both point out that in spite of all the hardship they face, they continue firmly in the lessons that life has imposed on them, without losing the ability to dream and to struggle for better days.

Bruna and Gabriel are volunteer missionaries of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) that were prepared to serve in the Roraima Humanitarian Mission. As they dedicate themselves to that altruistic and selfless service, they are planting seeds of love and hope.