Once a week, usually on Monday at 4 am, five collaborators of the Figueira Light-Communityaffiliated with Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF)meet in the Vida Criativa area to make tofu and soymilk.

Jovanio, a permanent member of the Light-Community and coordinator of the task, clarifies that “the process begins a day before, eight hours before, when we put the soybeans to soak in water.”

The making of Tofu and Soy Milk

The task also involves being organized during the previous week, according to Jovanio’s explanation, “we have a direct connection with all the areas of the community. The person in charge of each area lets us know, based on the number of people staying there, how much milk and tofu they need.”

On January 3, for example, with 38.5 kilos (84.8 lbs.) of soybeans, there was 215 liters ( 56.7 gallons) of soymilk and 130 units of tofu produced to be distributed to all the areas of the Light-Community and the Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order, located in the region of Carmo da Cachoeira.

According to the collaborator Rodrigo, during production, “everything works like a cog, each one doing their part. It’s essential that there be a rhythm and a great deal of focus, because the tasks follow one after the other, with one building on the next.”

The soybeans that had been soaked are washed, sieved, ground up and strained, becoming a juice that will end up as the soymilk and the tofu, and according to what Rodrigo said: “the soybeans are 100% utilized, without anything thrown away; everything follows a cycle of renewed production that is very beautiful.”

And also, in the task as a whole, it’s important to point out that the soybeans used are produced totally sustainably and organically by the Figueira Light-Community, with pure seeds, free of genetic modifications and pesticides.

The beginning of the process occurs with the care of the soil, which goes through cyclical periods of rest, in the selection of the seeds, in the careful planting, in the gentle harvesting, in the correct storage.

The making of Tofu and Soy Milk

The organic and sustainable production does not harm the environment, avoids the deterioration of the soil, respects the rhythms of nature, promotes a reduction in environmental pollution, preserving the quality of the water, not polluting the earth nor the groundwater and rivers.

On their part, the pure seeds have more vitality, with special characteristics, because their essence is retained and has not gone through modifications such as in transgenics, which have their genetic code altered.

All this guarantees a wholistic food, strong and healthy, unaltered, with all nutrients preserved, which ensures more health, not only for the physical body, but also, as a function of its purity, bringing clarity and lightness to the mind, and thus, facilitates the process of all those looking to deepen their spiritual path.

As Rodrigo well understood when he participated for the first time in carrying out this task: “To participate in all the process caused me to reflect on all the care that is necessary with food, from the time it is planted, each part being relevant so that the making of such delicious and basic food can assist in the health of all the members of the Light-Community.”