An alternative therapy course with floral essences of Saint Germain is being carried out in the House of Light on the Hill (HLH), affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF).

The workshop is coordinated by an instructor of the Instituto de Florais de Saint Germain (Saint Germain Floral Remedies Institute), the creator of the therapeutic system, with headquarters in São Bernardo do Campo, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

The activity has four theoretical-practical modules. Two modules have taken place. About 40 people are participating.

The House of Light on the Hill made an agreement with the Instituto de Florais de Saint Germain to offer the training to all therapists and collaborators who render servisse in its Healing Unit, located in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, as well as those interested in learning the technique to put it to the service of the Kingdoms of Nature. The agreement also allows the House to have the complete kit of the flower essence

On the other hand, the institution of floral essences, which has a sector of investigation, has the possibility of accompanying clinical cases attended in the House of Light on the Hill with the floral therapy.

“We are making an effort to specialize more and more the collaborators of our healing sector, so that they may offer a complete attention to those who come seeking treatment”, explained Luciana Guimarães, responsible for the Healing Unit of the HLH. She commented that the experiment shows very quick positive results in patients treated with the flower remedies of Saint Germain.

Origin of the floral system

The workshop is under the guidance of Camila Marques da Silva, a veterinarian doctor with studies of Chinese Medicine, who initiated in the discipline in 2005. Since 2014, she attends social and experimental projects, and since 2015 she is an official teacher of the system. She explained that the floral system of Saint Germain emerged in Brazil in 1996. It was channeled by Neide Margonari, an architect and artist, in contact with flowers of the Atlantic Forest.

The main characteristic of this system is to help the awakening of the patient for a process of self-knowledge and healing.

The preparation of the essences follows the techniques of the floral system, and is conducted by solar method or by boiling. The difference lies in the strategy: the Floral Remedies of Bach gather 38 essences, and work based on the temperament of the patient, whereas the Floral Remedies of Saint Germain has 89 essences and 12 compound formulae, and take into account the biography of the patient and the emotional causes that have unleashed the negative processes.