In the first week of December, young people and children from the Light-Community New Earth, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), participated in a Workshop on how to care for water, springs and their cycles, given by hydrogeologist Frank Rudiger and Rufino, resident of the Light-Community and responsible for the water distribution and care sector.

During the workshop

It was a workshop divided into two parts. In the first part, which took place in the morning, there was a talk about the water cycle in nature: how the water is born, evaporates, precipitates and harmoniously closes the cycle. And the water cycle was also presented after men made their intervention using it in industry, which always implied the generation of waste, that is, the cycle does not naturally complete because one must always deal with the “recycling” of water, which means reintroducing it into this natural cycle.

Explaining about the water cycle

The second part of the workshop took place in the afternoon in a practical activity next to a spring in the Light-Community. They started by making a fence so that other animals do not contaminate the surroundings, as well as  cleaning up around it so that this spring can soon contribute to the supply of water in the Light-Community.

Children near the spring

 Young people and children participated attentively in this experience with caring for the water, which goes from the source to the faucet. “Knowing more about these details will instill in them a love for this element of the Mineral Kingdom, so vital and sacred for all life,” say the Workshop organizers.  Join the Telegram Channel of the Light-Community New Earth. Click here!