Delight! The word defines well the feeling of the audience before the recent presentation of classical guitar of four students, ages between 10 and 18, of the Tibetan Park School,  located in the Light-Community of Figueira, in the rural area of Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The recital, held in the Community itself, was filled with compositions of great masters of music, such as the Brazilian Heitor Villas-Lobos and the Spaniard Francisco Tárrega.

The pieces presented are part of the classical guitar method of the great Brazilian educator Henrique Pinto, recognized in the whole world for his work in teaching this instrument. And this recital is the result of almost two years of classes of this group”, says Hernan Miranda, teacher of Musical Initiation of the Tibetan Park School and coordinator of the Choir of Figueira, affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

The Tibetan Park School attends free of charge the students of the Light-Community of Figueira in the Children’s Teaching, Elementary and High School.

Tainá Floret Barbieri, of the Nucleus of Direction of the School, explains that “the students take weekly Musical Initiation classes, as part of the school syllabus, where they study singing, solfeggio, harmony”, besides instruments.

As for instruments, the younger children, besides Musical initiation, take daily classes of the flute. And the older ones practice the instrument they have interest in”, says Taina. Besides the classical guitar and the flute, students can choose the study of the violin. Percussion and the piano. Currently, 13 students study some of these instruments.

Teacher Miranda highlights that the students who delighted the public with the recital of classical guitar – Valentim, 10; Matheus, 11; Caio, 14; and Pallas, 18, are also accompanied for free by the conductor José Maciel, who works in the city of Lavras, also in Minas Gerais.

Live School

Besides the Tibetan Park School of the Community of Figueira, there are two other teaching units: In the town of Carmo da Cachoeira (Tibetan Park School – Carmo da Cachoeira – House of Light on the Hill) and in Teresopolis (Tibetan Park Live School – Light-Community of the New Earth), in Rio de Janeiro. All of them develop the concept of live school, which seeks “permanent conscious” learning.

It is a permanent lesson at school that all beings and all Kingdoms (Animal, Plant and Mineral) should be perceived as sister essences. The school is oriented by the values of the Community and of its instructors”, states Taina.

According to the teacher Miranda and the dean Taina, it is planned to expand and deepen the teaching of music in the Tibetan Park schools, also with classes in the school of Carmo da Cachoeira, which already sends a group of students for Musical Formation in Figueira. But this undertaking, however, depends on donations.

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