On July 22, Sunday, a group of 15 members of the choir Singing Girls of Lavras made a special visit to the Francis of Assisi Park, a non-profit kennel, conducted by volunteers, which has the goal of unconditionally offering love to the Animal, Plant, Mineral and Human Kingdom, to contribute to reduce the suffering of the planet. Affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), the kennel is located in the city of Lavras, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The youths brought their musical art, their talent and their joy to share one morning with the 450 dogs sheltered in the place. The precocious artists benefitted from the occasion to walk in the different sectors of the Park. Many of them were there for the first time. The delegation was conducted by the director of the choir, the conducted José Maciel, and also had the presence of some parents. The volunteers of the Community-of-Light of Figueira and of the city of Carmo da Cachoeira, in Minas Gerais, helped the organization of the event.

The Singing Girls of Lavras sang four songs: “The Only Moment” and “Gabriella’s Song”, from the soundtrack of the Swedish film “Life in Paradise, composed by Stefan Nilsson; “Panis Angelicus, by Andrea Bocelli; and “Andorinhas” (Swallows), by Marcus Viana.

Adhesion of Nature

Nature joined, in a special way the artistic moment: during the presentation, made near the area where the dogs stay, began to blow a soft breeze, which swayed the eucalyptus woods that surrounds the sector of animal recreation, producing the background of the movement of leaves blown by the Wind. The concert of barking, which characterizes the place – “as a cry of the Animal Kingdom” – in the word of Lenilce Gomide, one of the coordinators of the Park, attenuated, until it transformed, for brief seconds, in just a whisper of the wind.

“Good music has the power of transforming the human being and animals. Today the girls opened their hearts, in a very special way, for this presentation. It was possible to perceive a very strong interaction with the little animals, perhaps because they attuned with the language of purity, of innocence of the heart”, declared the conductor Maciel.

Sensation of Peace

“Singing in the Park was a gorgeous, different experience. It gives an extraordinary sensation of peace”, confided Lauri, a member of the choir.

“This contact we had with Nature, while we sang, to know that the dogs were listening to us and to feel how they were quietening was a wonderful experience”, said Lourdes, to whom the experience is not unknown, as she uses to sing at home to her two little dogs. She recommends to youths to adopt a dog, as “they are always an excellent company”.

“To me, it is a pleasure to be here. As we get to know this place, we perceive the love that is dedicated to the animals, and here are the abandoned dogs, those who nobody wants. It is a wonderful work. I also have a pup, and it is part of our family”, tells Thais.

A ten-year old story

The choir Singing Girls of Lavras was created by Maciel in 2008. It trod its first years in the scope of the City Hall of Lavras and, from 2014 on, it became a cultural association. It has conducted presentations in many cities of Brazil and Argentina. It has members from 7 to 15 of age, who receive classes of musical development, vocal technique and accompaniment.

The Francis of Assisi Park receives visits of school groups, families and institutions, with previous appointment.

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