Winter has come with great intensity this year, and it wasn’t only the Human Kingdom that felt the cold…

The Nova Terra Light-Community, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), came together to carry out a campaign to collect little jackets and blankets for dogs, mainly those that live in the Animal Kingdom area. And what was the big surprise? In just a few days, they have already received a variety of jackets of several sizes and a lot of fabric to make more.

Na oficina de costura com os moldes e tecidos

In the Parque Tibetano School there is a sewing workshop where novices are dedicating themselves to producing these jackets to keep the beloved dogs warm.

Costurando as roupinhas

“And it’s not just in winter we need these blankets and jackets, because as we are located in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, in the Teresópolis municipality, among the mountains of Vale do Gamboa; cold weather comes quite often throughout the year; besides that, we have puppies, sick animals and elderly animals, and some that have special needs and need to be kept warm all the time.”

The Nova Terra Light-Community expresses its “immense gratitude to everyone who so quickly responded to this important request. Uniting hearts, gifts and much love.”

Novices with newly made little jackets.