The Network-of-Light of Rio de Janeiro follows a weekly rhythm in its visits to the Community-of-Light, located in the region of Teresopolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Each week, the group decides in advance what will be the movement of service.

The idea is to support the maintenance and the general activities of the Community-of-Light, being available to attend any need. The integration among the members of the Network-of-Light, of the Monastery of Divine Hope and Redemption, and of the Community is based on fraternity and on the joy of serving. The group also participates in the liturgy at the Marian Center, such as Prayer, Adoration and Communion.

According to Trigueirinho, in the Glossário Esotérico (Esoteric Lexicon), service is “the surest way of asceticism. It takes the individual to transcendence of the ego and bases on self-forgetting, on selfless action” (entry “service”).

Maria Lígia Sanhaço, a member of the group of the Network-of-Light of Rio de Janeiro, reported that “at the moment of the task, I felt whole, very concentrated and present. (…) I felt the presence of my angel, guiding me to do my best. (…) I felt a hand behind mine, something more sublime”.

A group called “Prudential” participated for the first time in the activities, and the collaborator of the Network-of-Light Deliane Barbosa said “they were very touched; they participated in the attunement, in the Communion, and had a good impression, felt extremely well”.

The Network-of-Light of Rio helps the maintenance of the Marian Center located in the Community-of-Light and has also taken on the activities of finishing and finalization of the building of the House of Prayer of Mary. In addition, the group sustains weekly vigils of prayer inside this temple consecrated to the Divine Mother.

“The group must always be aware of the presence of Mary, and of Her Son, the Child-King, at that Marian Center of Love. The Apparitions of Mary were impressive and the work conducted by the Divinity with the children was not restricted to that area, but extended to the whole planet”, commented Paula Gama, the coordinator of the group.

Thus, with each meeting at the Marian Center, there arises a unique opportunity of service and learning based on communitarian and fraternal life.