“Empathy and interpersonal relationships are the foundation for a successful pedagogy, as was well established day after day in Luanda” – José Carlos, member of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation


In December 2019, the Santa Isabel Charity Work for Children  (O.C.S.I.), received music teacher José Carlos Bago D’Uva, a Portuguese volunteer that held workshops focused on the musical development of children and youths.

José Carlos is a volunteer member of the Fraternidade International (FIHF) of Portugal, who promptly responded to the call to support the humanitarian work currently done in Africa, beginning a series of workshops focused on the area of music, together with the members of the monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order (OGM), which have been regularly assisting the orphanage.

The objective was to give the children and youths a deeper understanding of what singing can offer as a collective musical practice. It was also a great opportunity to strengthen the foundations of the Flor do Imbondeiro Choir, made up of children and youths living in the orphanage.

All embraced the proposed ideas, always showing great enthusiasm! The young people deepened their study in some important techniques, such as breath control and voice placement.

They were divided up into age groups – between 3 and 6, 7 and 11, and 12 to 20 years old – so that they could understand the workshops in a simple and fun way.

All the work resulted in a very beautiful Christmas presentation and preparation for the year 2020.

José Carlos says that the experience was a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, “where we helped those who need it most, from having been in an unfavorable situation…, and music ends up being a means for raising consciousnesses to a level beyond the chaos and disorder.”

He also considered the activity “a way of our being able to do something for somebody, who, like us, is part of the global collective consciousness, based on universal values of dignity and fraternity – beyond races, borders, beliefs… and it comes down to the purpose of loving one’s neighbor.”

The workshops, which took place from the 22nd to the 30th, received the dedication of more than 100 children and adolescents!

Activities focused on music continue to be carried out in the Casa da Criança (Children’s House), with new themes, following the same objective of working with creativity, intelligence, and love of the children and youths that live there.

And starting from this last period of January, the Flor do Imbondeiro Choir is preparing to make a new presentation, scheduled for February 15 at the Cultural Center of Viana, municipality of Luanda. The Choir will participate in a music concert that will be offered to the youth of the municipality.

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