The months of March and April will be flooded with the energy of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity through two special programs that will present “The Best of 2018”.

Each month, the program will show a thorough compilation, of which the production team is in charge. As from May, the live transmissions will begin again in a renewed way.

So on the next 23rd of March, the first special program of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity will be transmitted through Mercy Mary TV, where we will be able to appreciate outstanding and memorable moments of 2018 again.

It will also be a great opportunity for whoever missed the past cycle of the program because of not knowing about it or for some other reason.

New Season

Música para a Cura e elevação da Humanidade (MCEH)“The music proposal will be more ecumenical, and based on a considerable renewal of the program, which will address various forms of devotional music, from classical, expressed in a piece from Haëndel’s Mass for example, to a Gospel song, or maybe traditional music, folkloric music that highlights devotion,” explains Friar Benedetto, of Grace Mercy Order, and music director of MHUH.

This program always includes in its repertoire music compositions that have been written by members of the Choirs of the Light-Communities, who altruistically present these as an offering of service. Concerning this, Friar Benedetto says the following: “the new season will continue to include pieces authored by the members of the Choirs of the Light-Communities.”

“Our group lives that surrender to service through music, through sound, thus contributing to the development of programs that essentially support a repertoire of music that uplifts and heals.”

Ecumenical Invitation

“Each type of music expresses an aspect of universal creation, and that must be reflected in some way in the program.”

The Music team for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity invites musicians, performers, instrumentalists, people with some type of musical experience in all genres to participate in this ecumenical experience. The purpose is to move through all the styles of music and, united, allow oneself to be a channel to awaken attributes in souls such as hope, joy, and true love.

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