The Missionary Youth for Peace in Uruguay carried out their fifth meeting of service, in the context of the Youth Campaign for Peace, an initiative that has the support of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF). The activity took place on the weekend of December 8 and 9, 2018, in two localities of the department of Canelones: Ciudad de la Costa and Joaquin Suarez.

On the first day, twelve volunteers, including youths and members of the Network-of-Light of Uruguay, gathered at the Occupational Center for Disabled Persons “Juntos por un Sueño” (“Together for a Dream”), to give continuity to the tasks of maintenance of the place.

Painting of a fence in an animal refuge

In this space, located in the neighborhood of Solymar, in Ciudad de la Costa, 26 km Northeast of Montevideo, they enameled doors and poles of the external structure.

In an area which the youths had cleaned in the past, now a vegetable garden exists and workshops about this topic are held.

Fiorella Tricotti, one of the youths who has participated in several editions, comments that “upon doing a sustained work, I feel part of this project, the commitment is greater, those responsible tell us about the needs, and thus it is possible to see how the support, the service that we render also opens doors for other things to concretize”.

Animal Kingdom

Placing of a shade net in a kennel

The second day of missionary meeting unfolded in the animal refuge “LCA”, in Joaquin Suarez, which, although it has scarce resources and needs a lot of assistance, it shelters about 300 animals, including dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and sheep. Youths participated, some for the first time, as well as members of the Network-of-Light of Uruguay.

Amidst high temperatures, the volunteers lay hands to the work in all fronts that Alicia Torres, responsible for the refugee indicated to them. Urgent actions were conducted, such as the placing of a shade net in the kennels. Right after the task concluded, the dogs looked for protection under the roof.

Also, other improvements were made, such as the painting of the fences of the kennels, the cleaning of some dogs and the repair of fences.

Youth for Peace

The dogs immediately made use of their new roof

“It was a very valuable opportunity to become aware of the need to serve the Animal Kingdom and to leave indifference behind. To see the situation so closely impacts us, and at the same time fills our heart at each expression of love of the animals, which, although they need assistance, they do not fail to manifest their gratitude, however small our collaboration is”, expressed Virginia Romero, one of the youths who went for the first time.

To Luisina Barran, who also participated for the first time, it turned out to be a beautiful experience, “it is a beautiful sensation, to see how there are people who give all of their support, without the intention of receiving anything in return. It was wonderful to be part of this and to feel this way!”

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